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  • Romariel By  Romariel    

    Awesome juices

    Back in my first year of college, I used to drink these juices alnost everyday. For me, it was important to incorporate healthy nutrients and these juices did just that.

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  • Anahel By  Anahel    


    My passion is all natural, Naked smoothies are the bomb, just have one for breakfast lunch and dinner and energy all day. My husband and I when we are moving around without getting something to eat, we just drink any oneof the drinks and they just boost you. I love all the flavours, but green machine and the beets are the bomb. Your name speaks for itself. when you drink one of the smoothies, you just want to get naked and relax.

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  • nikkiaust17 By  nikkiaust17    

    Tells you how many fruits and what!

    Live that it tells you exactly how much of each fruit is in your choice of drink. But they are actually really good. The prices aren't that bad for what's inside. It tastes like a fresh smoothie. My family absolutely loves these!

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  • Apricotdreams By  Apricotdreams    

    Great taste

    I especially love the B vitamin ones truly great tasting juice

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  • samie1 By  samie1    

    My favorite juice, taste great and all natural. The flavors are fun too

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  • greenea012 By  greenea012    

    Taste great

    Love these over only tried the one flavor but it was amazing!

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  • KellyAnneReviews By  KellyAnneReviews    

    Great treat

    Great little treat! Taste yummy and have yet to find a flavor i didn't like.

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  • rajeespot By  rajeespot    

    I tried it and love it It taste good and my kids love it

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  • LALA12 By  LALA12    

    Like it

    I love drinking Naked products in the mornings; they go great with breakfast tacos :)

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  • mlk777 By  mlk777    

    I have not tried this but my son did and liked it. I cut down on my sugar and feel so much better.

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  • Luna68 By  Luna68    

    Filled with Antoxidents

    The Blue Machine is my favorite!! What more could you ask for in a healthy drink. No mess, great taste and loads of antoxidents!

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  • Hethee By  Hethee    

    What are you looking for?

    Like many of these other reviews state; these are not a real healthy choice with the loads of sugar and other additives. If you are looking for more of a treat then I agree, they are delish! Just beware of products that state all natural.

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  • Megstar By  Megstar    

    Naked Juice is a brand you'll always find in my fridge! I like the taste and variety. High quality ingredients too!

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  • kugrad2005 By  kugrad2005    

    Good for you!

    These drinks are so tasty, probably the closest things I could find to a 100 percent Juice drink without concentrate. The next best thing would be juicing my fruit myself. So tasty and good for you!

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  • CarryOn41 By  CarryOn41    

    An Occasional Treat

    My sons and I love Naked Juice and we each have a different favorite. I view it more as a treat, rather than a nutritionally sound dietary choice.

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