Naked Juice Drinks

Naked Juice Drinks

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I think they are over priced, and after tasting one, was okay with not buying them again. The flavors were good, but I didn't like the gritty texture of the drink.

Tastes great but am boycotting these products as they do not support labeling of genetically modified food

I love naked but I do not care for the taste of the protein smoothies. I had Mango the other day and was very surprised at how gritty it was. There was a bad after taste to. So disappointed.

I have never tried this as of yet. So I am glad to have read all of the reviews. Thank you.

These drinks are loaded with sugar and, because they heat it, you get none of the vitamins. There's as much sugar in a bottle of Naked as there is in the same serving of Mtn Dew. Oh, and Pepsi owns Naked. This is not something you should be feeding your kid and it's certainly not something you should pat yourself on the back for drinking.

The taste is great in any of the Naked drinks but the nutritional content on the other hand is extremely high for my current diet and carb intake.... One of these drinks would have to be a while meal and their simply isn't enough good to outweigh the bad.

I found these to be to pricey for what it tasted like..I feel there are better natural juices on the market..thanks but no thanks for me..

I liked Naked juices until the lawsuit and it was settled because they were found to less than truthful about their All-Natural claim. I'll spend my dollars elsewhere.

DONT BUY THESE!!!!!! Naked is owned by pepsi co. They recently where sued and where forced to recall the label that said "all natural".

Not all reviews can be great and I'm sorry to say this is one of those. These are a great price at Costco so I gave them a try. For a product that is so high in sugar I would think it would be better. It was not at all sweet and have a very bad mouth feel. High in sugar, carbs and calories.

Really good juice, however it's not healthy for you at all, so don't be fooled.

I dont like these juices at all theyre to pricey, to thick and grainy plus they arent healthy!

It doesnt have that fresh fruit type of taste id rather make my own juice from a blender

They taste bad. They also are just as bad as a can of soda

They are expensive. It is cheaper to buy your own veggies and fruits and make your own smoothie. It says "no added sugar" but the sugar content alone is crazy. I doubt they can fit numerous amounts of fruit and vegetable servings in that tiny bottle like it says in the back.