Rubbermaid Reveal Mop

Rubbermaid Reveal Mop

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I would rather use And wring out a mop To me this product was a waste of my money. I could not use other cleaners/ products to get my floor clean and the bottle only held enough water to get my bathroom floor clean. The handle also kept getting stuck so it was hard to squirt out the water after a while.

I love this product!!!!! Its fast and easy to mop I love that i can save money on putting your own cleaning product in it and washing the pad after every use .

It was just meh for me. I would rather use my swifter. It just doesn't pick up as much and the spray lever is aggravating. I do like the reusable pads.

I love being able to use my own cleaning solution and wash the pads as I need to, however I would like the option of disposable pads too. Does a great job at cleaning and love the dust pad for quick dusting the floor.

I love this mop ! The pads are thick and catch all the dirt as you go across the floor . They come out of the washing machine perfectly clean .

I purchase this mop about a month ago and has been using it since then. I love how it's strong and durable. Easy to use. Quick and fast to mop up anything. I usually fill the bottle up with Mr.clean and I'm good to go.. spray and mop..

I did alot of research online before I bought it . Got it at Home Depot, one of the only places near me that sold it. I purchased it after hubby wanted more than a basic Swiffer and my steam mop was too much of a pain for me. I make my own environmentally/pet/kid safe solution for the floor and go. Cheap, easy and no smelly fumes! The microfiber pads are velcroed on really well to the bottom (no chance it can fall off on its own) and just toss into the washer afterwards. Refill pads are only about $5-6 so I bought a couple so I'm not rushing to wash immediately. Also the mop is super easy to maneuver into corners (swivels nicely) and very large head so I'm done faster that with the Swiffer. Very pleased.

I love the Reveal Spray Mop! I was a Swiffer user but no more! I love the idea of using your favorite cleaning solution and save money! Swiffer refill was too expensive! It cleans the floors well for me, I am very pleased!

I love this mop! I like that I can make my own cleaning mix, and make as much or as little as I want. The mop head is large, yet remains easy to maneuver. The unit is not to heavy for me, even after heavy use. I love that the pads are reusable. They are nice and thick. So far my pads have held up just fine after a few washings. I tried the Swiffer Wet Jet in the past and did not like it, I ended up giving it away. I have a steam mop that I like a lot, but I haven't used it since receiving the Reveal Mop. I guess I like the Reveal more! I tend to gravitate toward Rubbermaid items. The Rubbermaid brand to me is affordable, quality, easy to use products that fit my lifestyle. The Reveal Mop did not disappoint. In fact, I like it a lot more than I thought I would! Thanks for letting me try this new product!

Wow! I love this product! It has made cleaning my wood floors a simple job. What used to take me over an hour and cause me alot of back pain, has now become a quick, 15 minute job with no back pain what so ever. It is great that there are two liquid cleaner containers, and not just 2, but 3 cleaning pads. The dust mop head is an added bonus. I have told quite a few of my friends about this product, and encouraged them to purchase one for themselves. Thank you so much for allowing me to review this product!

The Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop has been one of the best items I have ever tried. I can honestly say now that I enjoy mopping and it is one of my favorite chores around the house. We had a regular mop before that had the sponge part where you just squeeze and rinse it in the sink which I found quite annoying. I love the Rubbermaid Mop for many reasons. I love the fact that you can clean the pads in the washer especially. It is a well-made mop that is very easy to use and with two little ones running around, I need all the help I can get. Thanks so much to SheSpeaks for allowing me to try out this wonderful product that I now can't live without!

I would like to start off saying that this mop has been a blessing for me. It has made mopping so pain free for me because of my back problems i have. I now enjoy mopping because this mop is so easy to use all i have to do is just squeeze the trigger and push it is like this mop does all the work!! I love this mop and would highly recommend this to anyone especially the disabled ! Way to go Rubbermaid!! Thanks again Leslie Agee

I love this mop! I was drawn to the fact that you could use your own cleaner...I like to use antibacterial and the swiffer's don't have that. I was impressed with the quality of the mop as soon as I opened the box. It felt "heavy-duty" and the reusable pads are nice and thick, they can be used a couple of times if your doing a small area or one that isn't very dirty. I didn't think the duster pads would do a good job, but I was wrong. I have three large dogs and three young children so my kitchen floor gets dirty quickly and has to be swept at least once a day. I didn't think the duster would be able to get it done but it was so nice I don't think I'll ever use my regular broom again (I even let it go for a couple days just to see and it still did great)! This is a wonderful product that will replace two (takes up less space) and will save me money in the long run--Two of my favorite things :)

I received the mop a while ago and I really like it. Right out of the box I was impressed with the thickness of the pads. The whole mop feels sturdy, well made. I HATE mopping the floor and this definitely makes it less prep before and no "clean up" after you clean your floor (rinse the bucket etc.) Also great for quit mop ups....spilled some stuff on the floor and instead of just wiping it with a wet paper towel (lazy, I know), the mop was there, ready to go. I like that you can use your own solution and that the pads are washable (the main reasons why I never used swiffer type mops...the waste and the expense). The only thing I didn't like is the wide spray pattern, you really have to have the mop angled down if you don't want the solution going all over the place. This is the reason I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5. Overall very happy with the product....convenient, economical (no refills) and the floor dries very quickly after you use it. Will definitely keep using it.....thanks :)

This is a fantastic mop!! I am totally sold on it!!