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Hormel Compleats Kids Pasta & Chicken

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Stealing From Our Kids

on Oct 01, 2010: Reading this article makes me wonder why my credit is so important to the big three, if they aren't thoroughly checking MINORS that they are issuing credit lines! The parents are not just at fault here! It is sickening though that a parent could put such burdens on their children when they are g…

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Another Reason To Show Some Sister Love

on Aug 10, 2010: I can really appreciate this study. My sister and I are about 22 months apart, we haven't always fought, but we don't have a great relationship either. I appreciate having my sister around and I know she looks up to me, which is special. Even though we disagree, we are our own persons and I can…

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Four Perfect Summer Dresses for Every Body

on Aug 03, 2010: I LOOOVEEE dresses. Summer/winter anytime they are perfect! Dress them up or down, add some boots (my fav are Ugg's) and some leggings, a big purse and DONE! I really like the safari stype dresses lately, I have been a fan of belts coming back and dark colors. Moss green is fantastic this year!