Four Perfect Summer Dresses for Every Body

   By shefinds  Jun 11, 2010

’Tis the season for summer dresses - those breezy, easy-to-wear pieces that are such a welcome change from winter’s separates and tights. Here are our four current favorites - pick up one of each, and you’ll be able to get through the week without so much as one nothing-to-wear moment. 

 Safari Dresses 

These pristine, belted dresses are usually structured and modest enough for the office, but light enough to keep you comfortable on the commute. To add a bit of personality, switch out the belt that comes with the dress and add something more unexpected, like one in red or patent leather. 

Short-Sleeve Wrap 

Another work-friendly option that shows just enough skin to keep you cool - wear it now with flat sandals, and transition it into fall with a pair of high-heeled boots and a couple of layers up top. 


Maxi Dresses 

These long, relaxed dresses are ideal for weekends, but with a denim jacket and a pair of sandals, they’ll also work in a casual office. On the weekends, we’d just throw on a pair of flip-flops and call it a day. 

T-Shirt Dresses 

Like a maxi dress, you can layer this one up and head to work (this time we’d probably pick a belted cardigan and a pair of wedges), of pair it with super-casual shoes and a ponytail for a laid-back al fresco dinner. Added bonus: These ultra light dresses are a cinch to pack, and can go from beach cover-up to boardwalk two seconds.

What’s your go-to summer fashion? What are you looking forward to wearing when the temperature rises?

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Jrc3168 by Jrc3168 | Bronx, NY
Aug 31, 2010

I teach in a school where we have no air conditioning, and once the warm weather comes, I live in dresses- especially maxi dresses and wrap dresses. Some cute sandals and a necklace, and I look pulled together, but am still cool.

cristalcontrer by cristalcontrer | tucson, AZ
Aug 03, 2010

I love Maxi dresses. I bought four of them for twenty dollars each at Target.

jameslicex0 by jameslicex0 | Wayne, MI
Aug 03, 2010

I LOOOVEEE dresses. Summer/winter anytime they are perfect! Dress them up or down, add some boots (my fav are Ugg's) and some leggings, a big purse and DONE! I really like the safari stype dresses lately, I have been a fan of belts coming back and dark colors. Moss green is fantastic this year!

Shortyjane by Shortyjane | Trumann, AR
Jul 22, 2010

LOVE the maxi dresses, BUT can someone make one for SHORTIES! I wanna look cute too =)

fcrcsrrpr by fcrcsrrpr | westville, NJ
Jun 25, 2010

Don't agree. I'm short. Maxi dresses make me look more round, as do Tshirt dresses. As I carry my weight in the middle, I haven't worn a belt in 30 years!! I found empire waist dresses tend to look better on shorter people with weight around the middle.

msfriendly by msfriendly | MONROE, WI
Jun 18, 2010

Every body doesn't include MY body. I would look terrible in a Tshirt dress. Love the Maxi and wrap styles, though!

xwilla by xwilla | SAINT LOUIS, MO
Jun 17, 2010

Maxi dresses tend to be more flexible when it comes to different bodies, and layering jackets and whatnot over them enhances the wear-ability even more. I also disagree with the other dresses being prefect for every body, but (obviously) it's not really as much a argument as just making a moot point :P. I personally would live in 1 shouldered simple cotton dresses in the summer (if my job allowed for it).... but many others wouldn't say the same, depending on their shoulder and arm structures, etc etc. With all that aside, I love safari dresses! The structure really flatters my body, especially ones with straight tailored sleeves (not the cheap-lookin poofy sleeved ones). Thanks for the article!

thriftychic by thriftychic | Montgomery, TX
Jun 17, 2010

I don't agree that Tshirt dresses work on every body! I'm really tall and T shirt dresses look ridiculous on me! I look like I'm in a night gown! Maxi dresses are great, but you can't just wear any maxi! There are different ones for different shapes! Dresses are the BEST for summer though! I live in Texas...and I really appreciate who ever though up sun dresses!

Texmel by Texmel | COLORADO SPGS, CO
Jun 15, 2010

Enjoying my new maxi dress this summer too...but I also picked up some amazing linen a-line dresses that are both cool and comfortable. With the right shoes and accessories they work for dressy as well as casual occasions!

sunset221 by sunset221 | POTTSTOWN, PA
Jun 13, 2010

I totally agree with the Maxi dresses, they look great on everyone. However, I disagree with everything else. If you have large hips, adding a belt sometimes just amplifies the wide area some women are trying to hide (myself included!)

Jun 11, 2010