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Nuby No-Spill Sippy Cups

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Birth Of Octuplets Spurs Debate

on Feb 09, 2009: I have sooo many things I could say about this I just don't even know where to start.... 1. where did she get the funding to have the procedure in the first place? 2. what doctor in their right mind would have done this? 3. how does she plan to support these children? 4. did she not consider t…

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Doting on Dolls

on Jan 17, 2009: To those who say it's weird, you are most definitely right. To those who say get a dog, or even a job in a daycare, are you nuts? I don't think I would want these people around my child in a daycare for fear they would take off with my baby and she would become a "doll" to them. There has to be so…