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  • Girlfan1986 By  Girlfan1986    

    Great crime drama

    This series is pure gold it's full of drama and murder mysteries/crimes ingenious superb watchable I'd recommend this to fans of castle and criminal minds

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  • mariasays By  mariasays    

    just a classy TV series!!

    A TV series that never gets old :) I recommended before sleep !!

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  • Jenlha By  Jenlha    

    I love watching this show when they had a great cast with the original but now is awesome too these new seasons. I hope they never cancel

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  • spindrift By  spindrift    

    My father watched this with his grandkids (My clan) & now I get to see it when my youngest daughter turns it on. I'd like to see an episode featuring a clandestine grave in Clove Lakes Park-or even Central Park.

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  • Babygeorgia By  Babygeorgia    

    Love to watch the reruns on various networks. Always a good show.

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  • vintagepurple By  vintagepurple    

    you are killing me that they took this show off the air!! i loved it!! and sam waterston. i couldn't eat the romantic tention between new guy and new lawer girl was amazying

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  • jenkoj By  jenkoj    

    I have been a fan of Law & Order for many years. My favorite is Law & Order SVU. The original series which starred Jerry Orbison was wonderful but after he passed away it became dull. Not a fan of Criminal Intent. SVU has a wonderful cast, including long standing actors Mariska Hargatay, Ice T, and hotty Chris Meloni whom I saw naked in an old episode of Prison Break. Hee Heee.

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  • sign2fop By  sign2fop    

    Hello, My name is Emma and I am a Law and Order addict. I can't get enough of this show. This TV show is a must in my household. I love the Order aspect of this one in particular, but must admit that I prefer the Law aspect of SVU.

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  • Byrden By  Byrden    

    YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES,YES. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • elliebunny By  elliebunny    

    Can never get too much of Law and Order!

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  • wendyk By  wendyk    

    I love this show and have always enjoyed watching it.

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  • villahills3 By  villahills3    

    Love the show...i still miss jerry orbeck and lenny but the newest crew are growing on me...keep em coming

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  • gordon24nfn By  gordon24nfn    

    I started watching L&O when I was single, wow that was how long ago? Now I even have more, CI, SVU. I love them all. I would have to say my 2 favs are Goran from CI and Liv from SVU. This show is awesome! For once NBC got something right!

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