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Rachael Ray 10-pc Nonstick Cookware Set

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Glade Sense & Spray Motion Sensor Freshener

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Behind the Scenes At SheSpeaks

on May 09, 2009: Yes it is...i love checking in often to see what is going on and voicing my opinions..lol

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Oprah's Chicken Giveaway : Philanthropy or Hypocrisy?

on May 09, 2009: Please, Oprah and KFC did a good thing...IF what PETA says is true and that is a big IF...then the problem is with Tyson...deal with them and leave someone doing a good thing alone!

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Criminal Justice For Juveniles

on May 05, 2009: What is really sad, is what used to be the parents domain is being hijacked by the courts. When I was a kid if someone did something stupid like take a pack of gum the parents would take care of the problem not the police or the criminal justice system. Maybe we also need to look at ourselves an…