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DripDrop Hydration Powder - Lemon

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DripDrop Hydration Powder - Berry

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October Awareness: What you need to know.

on Oct 20, 2019: Infant loss matters the most to me. Families that have experienced this type of pain often have other issues that are ripples of that loss. Having a good support system and readily available resources such as counseling and support groups for these families will help them cope with their loss. Thi…

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A Lady Bond? Pierce Brosnan Says It's a Woman's Turn To Play the Iconic Role

on Oct 20, 2019: I wish Hollywood would stop trying to femanize everything. I didn't watch the new Ghostbusters just because they had women replace the guys as the main characters. I won't watch the new Bond movie just because they make 007 a woman. I don't need nor want a female version of every movie that starre…

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Halloween Candy With a Delicious Twist. Plus, Win a $75 Gift Card: #SheSpeaksHalloween giveaway

on Oct 20, 2019: Cadbury eggs are my constant craving. Cadbury pumpkins would be an awesome Halloween candy! I also love the caramel apple suckers. The old school ones were so much better than the ones I have tried recently though.