DripDrop Hydration Powder - Berry

DripDrop Hydration Powder - Berry

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I wasn't expecting these to taste that good to be honest but they do and I really feel better after drinking them. I'm always on the go at work and don't nearly drink enough fluids or water as I should. I like how convenient and tasty drip drop packets are. I just empty one packet into a water bottle shake and i'm good to go. I feel more hydrated and energized when drinking them. I think my body absorbs better when drinking them as opposed to plain water.

Love that this product helps you get hydrated much faster, especially in the hot summer days! Love the convenience of the individual packages too. However, I did not like the lemon flavour and it left a bitter taste in my mouth afterwards. The berry flavour is much tastier and did not leave an after taste.

I received some of these as a part of another online program, so it's sorta cool to see it here too! I received berry and lemon flavors about a month ago. I gave my friends a few and kept the rest. Or rather fought the kids for the rest! I found the flavor to be pretty good. Not too sweet or bland. It was easy to mix and I was hydrated. I tried the first pack, lemon, while walking with the kids. I was sick and I needed a pick me up. I figured this was a good time as any to try the drip drops. I mixed it with the recommended amount of water and chugged it down. Within minutes I felt much better. I was dehydrated from being sick and not taking care of myself. I would recommend this to others with some caveats. Please have more flavors than lemon and berry. Perhaps offer it in bigger sizes to share and more coupons that are easier to find! Ps, the kids took the rest! I heard no complaints, so I would rate it a five for them too.

The berry flavor was much better than the lemon flavor, which is the ONLY reason it got 2 stars instead of 1. Yes, the convenience of a to go pack that you just add to water is a great idea. However, they really just missed the mark as far as flavor goes. The chalkiness and bad aftertaste is really hard to get past.

flavor was better than the lemon one I think its a little strong for daily use

there is not enough flavor of the berry for my taste . it is hydrating but flavor is bland .

I wanted to like this product. I was hoping it would be good to use while marathon training when I needed to rehydrate during and after a long/tough workout. This product was very convenient to use,and I liked that aspect of it. I had hoped for better taste so as not to have to feel the need to drink something else afterward.

This is better than the lemon as far as taste goes, but it also contain sucralose, which is a no-no for me and my family. For that reason alone, I would never buy this.

The berry flavor is pretty good. There is still a strange aftertaste but not as bad as the lemon flavor. I would recommend drinking this for anyone who is sick because it really does hydrate well and this flavor is more bearable. My son thought it tasted good and drank it which is something because it is hard for me to get him to drink plain water.

I prefered the berry over the lemon, but there was still a rather unappealing after taste. While the concept of DripDrop is great, there is definite room for improvement. I would reccomend this with reservations!

This version was okay, a little too chemical tasting to me. Wish it mixed a little better;tried with ice, but taste was the same. Preferred the lemon flavor.

My son got a stomach virus while on vacation, so I was really glad to have this on hand. I mixed the drip drop in a glass of water and gave it to him to drink. He didn't really care for the taste, but drank it anyway. He said it did makes hm feel better, but he didn't want to drink it again. Don't think I will buy this in the future.

After trying my packets of berry flavored DripDrop I can honestly say I am not a fan of this flavor. It had an odd, almost chalky aftertaste to it. I would not buy this product as I think the taste and effectiveness of plain old tap water is much better.

Much better than lemon! Not great but not terrible either

I think I liked the berry flavor better than the lemon, but only slightly. The taste was a little too sweet for me, and just not strong enough in berry flavor, and it just lacked something.....like maybe a little more fruity flavor? Just not sure o what would make this taste better, but it was okay. If it was good and ice cold, it might taste better, but I added it to room temperature bottle water. My grandson said it was okay, but needed more berry flavor, stronger. He didnt care for the lemon flavor at all, but this one he said he might drink. But that there were lots other drinks out there that tasted better.....that is what he said, he is an honest boy. I dont know how you can get a fresher fruit flavor to this drink, but you need to try, it is sadly lacking in flavor, and I still think it was too sweet for me.