DripDrop Hydration Powder - Berry

DripDrop Hydration Powder - Berry

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I tried a single serving of this product 2 days in a row and it made me feel, for lack of a better word, swollen. It made my head hurt, my ears hurt, and my skin feel like it was going to pop. I don't know if this had to do with the hydration effect or could have been some kind of adverse reaction. I felt fine before drinking it, and miserable after.

Hated the after taste absoulutely horrible so I check the ingredients and of course it has aspartame an artificial sweetener used in many diet products that makes the after taste of any product disgusting ! I would stick to pedilyte or Gatorade with water instead of this

I walk 3.5 miles each morning and thought this would be great to take along with me. I tried it in my water and it is not for me. I sampled the berry flavor and it has a strange berry flavor. The drink also tasted very salty. I had my husband try a sip too and he agreed. After drinking this I did not feel hydrated. My mouth felt very dry. I will stick with water.

I received the berry flavored sample and was pretty disappointed! Not a good flavor and my children 7 and 2 spit it out immediately after trying it!

My family tried this and all thought it was horrible.

The kids did not like the taste or the smell of it.

After a bit too much wine the night before I decided this would be a great time to tried the hydration powder. Tried the Berry Flavor. Hated the after taste it is horrible. Ingredients has Sucralose in it (artificial sweetener). Also very salty. Seemed almost slimy was very hard to finish the bottle I had to plug my nose to get it down.

I tried drip-drop in water. The taste was pleasant but somewhat sweet for me. My children tried it as well. My daughter liked it but my son did not. My son thought it was salty although no one else noticed anything like that. The flavor good. Maybe as a beverage to prevent dehydration but not something I would normally buy. We prefer straight up water at our house.

I had high hopes for the potential of this one. I find it hard to drink enough plain water, so thought this would be perfect for me. I tried the Lemon flavor sample first, and the taste, to me, was acceptable and tasted a bit better than plain water, so I thought there was a good possibility here... then a few hours later, I had severe stomach cramping and a long night of stomach issues. I had a headache and almost vomited. I am really not interested in this product any longer. I gave the berry a taste as well, and that one tasted better, but I was too nervous to drink the whole thing and have another miserable evening.

The drip drop arrived and since no one in my family is ill we decided to do a taste test...Unfortunately, it tasted terrible. When we added extra water, it could be tolerated. I would not be interested in that flavor if I were ill. That being said, if someone were ill and wanted options, I would mention this but recommend adding water to make it more tolerable.

Neither I, nor my children, liked this flavor product. I love the concept, but I would not purchase it. The packet was easy to open, but difficult to stir completely into the water. We added more water and it was more tolerable, but not enough to make it palatable for myself.

I received a sample of Drip Drops via SheSpeaks. First the powder would not fully dissolve no matter how much I stirred. Berry taste was disgusting, similar to cough syrup but worst. Could barely choke this down. Blah. It didn't make me feel any more hydrated.

I received this dripdrop berry sample from She speaks. Was easy to open..didn't desolve all the way in water...not the taste I expected..would not recommend to others. Thanks for allowing me to try.

I received this sample along with the lemon flavored one. The lemon flavored one was one I would not recommend and hoped this flavor would be better. Turns out this one is no better. Would not dissolve and very gritty and had a bad medicinal after taste. Would not go out of my way to purchase this flavor either.

I was very excited to try this product but it was very bad.