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Gerber 3rd Foods Lil Bits

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Babies R Us Diapers

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What Changes Does McDonald's Need to Make?

on May 07, 2015: Start with one thing and ride with it for awhile, let it be your new signature item that is great quality and make sure the employees care about presentation and quality! I have been to many Mcdonalds where you get a burger that looks like its slopped together.

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Celebrating Moms This Mother's Day

on May 07, 2015: My cousin was always like a mother to me because my mother was not around. She taught me so many lessons and how to be a woman who respects herself. I would not be the woman I am without her and I continue to learn from her about being a mother now that I have my own children.

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Enter the @SheSpeaksUp #FebrezeCar Giveaway!

on Mar 17, 2015: A Mcdonalds bag rolled under the seat...yuck!!! My favorite memory from a recent roadtrip was on the way back from Florida the smell of the beach was still in the car from our beach trip.