Celebrating Moms This Mother's Day

   By SheSpeaksTeam  May 06, 2015

We know how hard women can be on themselves. This can be even more true for Moms.

Several notable ad campaigns depicted the pressure women put on themselves in the last few weeks:


Moms do SO many things right each and every day, and we want to celebrate these moments this Mother's Day.  If you're a Mom yourself we think it's time you gave yourself some credit!  If you want to share a story about your mom, we can't wait to hear it!

To enter our giveaway, share a Mom moment that makes you proud in the comments below.  You can either share a moment about you as a mom or something that your mom has done for you.

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Happy Mother's Day!

Congrats to our winner SueG907

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diamonddiaries by diamonddiaries | Greer, SC
Jun 09, 2015

So proud that my Mom is living independently and courageously after my father passed away 3 years ago.

rbrr34 by rbrr34 | Ronkonkoma, NY
May 20, 2015

My daughter had a concussion and broken arm from a sports accident a few weeks ago and has needed help in bathing and dressing. She told me that when I get old and can't do things for myself, she will help me the way I've been helping her. Nice to know it will be a little longer before I'm put in the nursing home!

littlebeavers4 by littlebeavers4 | BATTLE GROUND, WA
May 17, 2015

I had a horrible mother. She was abusive, totally addicted to multiple substances and the queen of neglecting her children. I was terrified in becoming a mom that I would end up like my mother. It literally took less than 2 seconds after my son was born for me to know, without a doubt, I could never be like that to him!

shannon15501 by shannon15501 | somerset, PA
May 16, 2015

I would love to win this for my mom. She has been my rock my entire life and deserves something special and as beautiful as this.

buttmuffin by buttmuffin | BEAUFORT, NC
May 16, 2015

my mom and i used to have these baking 'mishaps' where we would totally screw up some easy recipe and it would result in some disastrous concoction. we would try to eat it and then die laughing.. i miss her so much...

KittyKad by KittyKad | Salisbury, NC
May 16, 2015

My mom has always been so generous with her time and effort when it comes to helping others. I had surgery at the end of April & she has been here everyday helping me! I couldn't ask for a better mom.

cleo3175 by cleo3175 | LEXINGTON, NC
May 16, 2015

My Mom has helped me through tough times while dealing with my suicidal autistic 12 yr old daughter. Without her support I don't know where my state of mind would be. I love her very much.

sonia23 by sonia23 | LOUISVILLE, KY
May 16, 2015

I love seeing both of my kids growing up to be great role models for others

OnlyTheBest by OnlyTheBest | Opelousas, LA
May 16, 2015

My children wanted to learn to read at an early age, so I bought a book to teach them. They started at 3 and were reading at 4. They loved learning and the most exciting part was when I pulled out one of their favorite books and had them read sentences from it. I was proud and so were they.

Babyjen by Babyjen | el monte, CA
May 15, 2015

It's More Than That When the world is dark and full of uncertainty and doubt....when I feel completely and utterly lost....when I am wallowing in the disappointment and self-loathing of my own life decisions....when I am feeling unaccomplished and inadequate...I just look at my two kids and know that I have done something good. Seeing them shows me that my life thus far has not been wasted or in vain. They give me purpose and meaning....strength and resilience to carry on. They motivate me to keep going...to push through the hard times until I am where I want to be. To say that I am a proud mother doesn't begin to cover it...

Zacksmom1978 by Zacksmom1978 | OAKVILLE, CT
May 15, 2015

I'm so proud of both of my kids for many reasons, but overall I am glad they both have amazing manners and huge hearts.

traceyk by traceyk | Decatur, IN
May 15, 2015

My parents married right out of high school (49 years ago) and My mom always put us three kids needs above her own! She had 3 kids by the age of 22 and though it was stressful and there wasn't always a lot of money, we had everything we needed and more! Things are much better for my parents now and my mom is still helping us kids and now the grandkids! She's the best!

shardwilk by shardwilk | LANCASTER, CA
May 15, 2015

My proud mom moments for myself are when I get some extra money and my children all tell me to get something for myself and not spend it on them or groceries. I don't feel like the selfless moms it feels like everyone else is but when my kids tell me this, it makes me feel so good because I don't think I give myself enough credit, but they always do.

drhntr359 by drhntr359 | NEWTON, NC
May 15, 2015

Love my kids and watching them grow up to be awesome young teenagers plus getting great grades in school. Cherish every moment that I get to spend with them . Lock in the memories.

marydel48 by marydel48 | BROOKLYN, NY
May 15, 2015

Best Mom moments for me : when my son became a Daddy for the firts time , last year . He is a great Daddy and I am so proud of how he handles the responsibilty. My other Best Mom moment was my daughter being accepted into the masters program to become a Registered Dietician , she is on the way to her dream profession and that makes me proud..she worked so hard to acheive that.