Gerber 3rd Foods Lil Bits

Gerber 3rd Foods Lil Bits

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You get what you pay for My middle child loved these but I didn't like to feed them to her often because if you read the ingredients some of them have very long chemical names. I do wish the bits in them were a bit smaller and also that they didn't smell so bad when you opened them. I'd rather just feed my children table food and not this stuff full of chemicals and who knows what.

Not for all I like that there is a variety of flavors but my son wont chew them because they are too creamy. We had to stop using them and use real food.

great for teaching chewing. grandson liked flavors and nutritious as well. great starter food for a little one. thanks gerber

Ehhhh Not only did my toddler barely eat this, but it smells bad to.

I actually grew up eating Gerber and up until now i still love it's taste. Before, i let my mom's goddaughter to taste this, at first it was okay and i even asked her if it's good and she said it is oh by the way she's 4yrs old that time and after a minute she threw up everything she ate. I don't know why.

Bought these wasn't sure if my baby would like them...she loved it! Next thing I noticed when I fed it to her she started chewing the bits!

My daughter has always wanted to try whatever I am eating. I feed her "real" food as much as baby food and when I tried the baby food with bits she loved it! She is 11 months old now.

When I can find flavors without the extra ingredients (non food, really long chemical names) I buy several. From the ones I've seen it limits us to Mixed carrots, Corn & Butternut squash and the Butternut squash and potato. My little one really enjoys the variety of the"bits" and getting more texture.

My daughter loves the potatoes and squash one but the fruit tends to be a little running so she chokes on the small bits that are mixed in. Other than that this is a great product

My daughter loves the Gerber 3rd Food with Lil' Bits. She eats the entire serving without making a mess, anyone who has a baby knows that can be hard! I was hoping that she would like it. She does not really like baby food, normally I have to spend extra time during my meal prep to dice up food small enough for her to eat. This makes it easier on me. I can just warm up one of the Gerber Lil' Bits in the microwave and feed them to her. On my next trip to the Army Commissary I purchased more in different flavor combinations. She has really enjoyed each of them. Gerber Lil' Bits has small, soft, bits of food in each product. If your baby is not ready to chew then I would wait to buy these and start with one of Gerber's baby food products without food bits. I did receive a free sample from BzzAgent but the opinions i shared are completely my own