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Pushed Into Pregnancy

on Sep 01, 2010: I don't see a problem with asking that kind of question. In reality it almost seems like a good one to ask. Especially if it is as common as it sounds to be. This way a women have more control over their bodies and doesn't have to worry about the men making the decisions for them in a relationship…

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Miley Cyrus Goes From Disney To Sex Symbol

on Jun 29, 2010: It is natural for young females to flaunt what they have. Do I agree with it no, But it is up to her parents for allowing her to wear those types of things. She may end up regretting that she did it later on in her life. I feel it is for her and her parents to decide what is right for her, and if …

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The Big Cover-Up On Breastfeeding

on Jun 29, 2010: It is not like Kim was saying she doesn't like breastfeeding she just said she felt that the lady should have covered up and I think she was more outraged by the fact the lady changed the diaper on the table. That was very rude to do especially in a public eating establishment. It is unsanitary an…