The Big Cover-Up On Breastfeeding

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The Big Cover-Up On Breastfeeding
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Even if you haven’t been "keeping up with the Kardashians" you probably know the infamy of the Kardashian name.  The celebutante Kardashian sisters who starred in a reality show about their family have a knack for keeping themselves in the limelight.  But most recently, Kim Kardashian has gotten her name in the headlines for something no one expected, modesty.

A recent report from CBS News talks about some recent Tweets Kim Kardashian posted to her Twitter account that has gotten her into a heap of trouble with breastfeeding activists.  Apparently, Kim Kardashian was dining at a restaurant and found it offensive when a woman sitting near her breastfed her baby without covering up. 

She posted this to her Twitter, "Eww, I’m at lunch, the woman at the table next 2 me is breastfeeding her baby with no cover-up then puts baby on the table and changes her diaper."  Many find it hard to believe that a woman who posed nude for Playboy in 2007 would take offense to someone breastfeeding in public.  Kardashian began to receive flack from "lactivists" and later defended herself by saying there is nothing wrong with breastfeeding if you cover up while doing so. 

The debate on whether women should have to cover up while breastfeeding in public is longstanding.  Activists who feel women should not have to cover up have been taking part in demonstrations for many years.  Barbara Walters mentioning on air a few years ago that she doesn’t like to see women breastfeeding on airplanes sparked a controversy that led to 200 women in the act of breastfeeding waiting for Walters outside the ABC broadcasting studios.

Whether you agree that women should have the right to breastfeed without covering themselves or not, it seems the law usually takes the side of the breastfeeding mom.  There are now explicit laws in 44 states that say women can breastfeed in any public space.

What do you think of the latest controversy Kim Kardashian sparked when she Tweeted about breastfeeding in public?

Do you think women should have to cover up while breastfeeding in public?

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  • jmvega20 By jmvega20

    I think you should TRY to cover up but if the blanket falls or you change positions and give a little flash i dont think its a big deal. No i def dont think anyone should just flop it right out and feed like your in your home but i also dont think its a HUGE deal if its just a small amount showing. It is nasty to change a baby on ANY table but thats besides the point.

  • Andielovesyou9 By Andielovesyou9

    Her sister Kourtney Karsdashin breast feeds her baby and was shown on her own show breastpumping with no cover. I wonder if she was disgusted by that? To LISA2699 if your kid was to ask you what the lady is doing ("god forbid") tell her she's feeding her child. DUH!

  • baber326 By baber326

    I always used a cover when breastfeeding my two kids, for my comfort more than anyone elses.I think changing the baby on the table is disgusting and totally unsanitary.

  • LISA2699 By LISA2699

    Seeing someone breastfeed in public makes me so uncomfortable that I don't even want to think about it. I understand that it is natural and it is better for the baby, but I honestly don't want to see it. And God forbid some child asks me what the lady is doing with the baby. How would I answer that? I think it is great to breastfeed but not without covering up. I think it's gross, I'm sorry.

  • ama_ajs11110 By ama_ajs11110

    Breastfeeding..I think it's a wonderful thing..great for the baby!!! But I do however agree with Kim for the most part. I believe you should cover-up if your in a very public place, expecially a resturant or somewhere children would be around! And changing diapers should ALWAYS be in a private area. Not only is it the polite thing to do, but you never know when some pervert is watching! It's sad to say but there are so many sick men..and I guess some women..out there!

  • clintongrl590 By clintongrl590

    I think because of the wierd people today i would cover up. Breasts are such of a sex symbol that when a man sees that baby or not he will not be thinking about breast feeding lol. it's terrible that we cant do whats natural because of todays society.

  • mmyers81 By mmyers81

    i have no problem with a woman breastfeeding in public. she should put a cover over her and the baby while doing it but in some cases if the baby is hungry and she doesnt have a cover then she has to do with out a cover. i plan on breastfeeding my baby in Oct 2010 when he or she is born. i believe it is the best for the baby and bonding time together. im looking forward to it!

  • Aspiringauthor09 By Aspiringauthor09

    I really think it depends on the place. If you are at a- for exmaple- mommy-and-me library program or somehwere where there are mostly women and babies, it's okay. But, if you are in a room with lots of men and boys, I don't think it would make them comfortable- and I really don't think it would make their wives or, in the teenage boys case, their mothers comfortable if you did it uncovered. I myself would not do it too much in public,because i know that other people REALLY don't like it.

  • Carolyn220 By Carolyn220

    I don't use a cover.. but i use my shirt and am very discrete. I have no problem with women breastfeeding in public.. the baby has to eat too.. i doubt any of us would like to be banned to the bathroom for eating! But the diaper is gross and unsanitary, no question

  • Michele625 By Michele625

    Breastfeeding is a beautiful thing between mother and child. I ALWAYS used a cover when in public nursing my 4 children. I did not feel the need to being attention to myself by nursing without a cover. I agree with the statements above that a lot of women do not use covers to make a statement of their own. Breastfeeding should be honored and respected, but there is nothing wrong with being modest. I always covered for the sake of the people around me. I would actually use the cover from should down my chest, but not cover the baby if it was warm. Changing a baby on a restaurant table, there is just no excuse for that. That is exposing the table to feces and urine, both of which hold bacteria that can be very dangerous, let alone the fact that it is completely inappropriate. use the restroom, they all have baby changing stations.

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