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Purex Complete 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets

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Tide Stain Release Duo-Pac

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Dirt Alert! Five Signs of an Unsanitary Nail Salon

on Apr 25, 2011: I walked out of a salon once, I was soaking and waiting for my turn the woman finished the pedicure of her client and immediately was going to start mine. She did not stop to was her hands. After I sat there and watched her use her bare hands to exfoliate her past client. I ask her to wash her han…

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Rich In Wealth, Rich In Worry

on Apr 12, 2011: I don't think those that fall into the million plus range can even be in the same conversation as those that will never have the chance to make that kind of money. Yes, A person making millions that is not happy must be unfufilled in other areas of life, lacking in love,friends,family life. For th…