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Goliath Pop the Pig

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Start Your Year Off Right With the Newell Brands' #BestofBacktoSchool Supplies & Giveaway!

on Sep 10, 2017: I always make my daughter start getting prepared for back to school a few weeks before school starts, that way it's not so stressful! I get her bedtime back on schedule and we review school work each night as a lot of information is forgotten during summer break. . and then we tackle the school…

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"Comfort Dogs" Prove a Success in the Classroom

on Aug 29, 2017: I think that this idea is just too sweet! There have been many reports on dogs being proven to be extremely therapeutic in a variety of situations.. Which makes a lot of sense to me as I am an avid dog lover myself and my current and previous dog have been my WORLD. Dogs just know how …

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Dangers of Too Much Caffeine:Teen Dies After Consuming 3 Caffeinated Beverages During School

on Aug 29, 2017: I think this is so incredibly sad and absolutely terrifying! His death was completely and tragically senseless. I feel that there should be way more warnings on caffeine intake for younger people. All teenagers need to be highly educated on this subject. Really, everybody does, but they…