Goliath Pop the Pig

Goliath Pop the Pig

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Bestttttt game ever! I have a 2.5 yr old and a 4 yr old and we can play over and over and over. Teaches numbers and colors. Involves no batteries and no game board. So enjoyable.

Great kids Game, No Batteries needed My kids love this game! I requires ZERO batteries and is so much fun. It's a fast easy to follow game and fun for younger kids to play with grownups. My kids have played this with their grandma many times.

Fun, quick & easy! My four year old specifically asked for this game after playing it at daycare. It is super simple and educational. Playing this game is a good way to practice numbers & counting. The objective of this game is to feed the pig until his belly pops. The game includes the pig dressed as a chef, a die & 16 small hard plastic burgers. The burgers come in four colors; red, green, yellow & purple. There are four of each color which are numbered one through four. When you roll the die it tells you which color to pick up; before placing it in the pigs mouth you have to check the number at the bottom of the burger. The number lets you know how many times you must press the pigs head. Eventually, after so many presses, the pig's belly will pop. Whoever gets the belly to pop wins. Game play is relatively fast. My family enjoys playing this during game night. I have played this game with children ranging in age from 2-9. The younger children will need supervision due to small game pieces. Overall, I am not disappointed with this purchase.

Pop the pig It's a fun game but we thought that when it popped that the stomach would actually open up and I think that would have been a lot cooler but it was still pretty cool

My 3 year old loves this game. She can play for hours. Sometimes it stops working and the pig won't pop

Fun for a while! It's a good game! My kids enjoyed it for a while and it helped them learn to count and take turns!

goliath Was fun for the kids until the pig no longer works!

Pop the pig My daughter loves this game! I play it with her all the time and it really holds her interest. It's a cute little game. I recommend to other parents.

Was fun for the kids until the pig no longer works!

This game was had to get the pig to pop. I am the babysitter, and of course the directions of how to work the pig and how to play the game were missing, so perhaps working on those two could make the game easier to play!

my cuzin got this and she loved it i played it with her and it was funny and fun great kids game

Bought this game for my daughter when she was 4. The kids loved it when the pig would pop but we had trouble getting it to actually pop most times. We would use up all the cheeseburgers and he would still not pop.

Very fun game for younger kids. My kids enjoyed it and played it often.

Did not hold my kids interest.Only played one time.

This is not technically a board game. But its still a game. I got this for my toddler when she was 3. It teaches her colors and numbers 1-4. You roll the dice to see what color "cheesburger" you are to feed the pig. You check the bottom of the burger for a number. Then you "feed" the burger to the pig and count out the "chews" as you press his head. The first person to make the pig pop loses