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Jennifer Aniston Takes It All Off For New Film (The Makeup That Is)

on Oct 10, 2014: It is refreshing to have a major Hollywood actor actually look more realistic and relatable. Not sure if it's "brave" since she just looks normal to me. Definitely intrigued to see the movie.

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Why Married Couples Shouldn't Argue on an Empty Stomach

on Sep 11, 2014: I get "hangry" so when I'm irritated by something the first thing my husband asks is if I ate haha

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Nine West's "Starter Husband" Shoe, Are These Ads Funny or Offensive?

on Sep 11, 2014: I saw the ad posted on instagram by single friends as a joke when they received this catalog. At first glance I thought it was making fun of ads tailored to women from the 50s by showing an edgy animal print type shoe that says anything but housewife to me. I wouldn't take the approach though by i…