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  • Lyndsey_frost By  Lyndsey_frost    


    I love this it makes my hair feel so soft but I don't think it actually helps that much with breakage

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  • Melisap By  Melisap    

    I have been using Garnier Fructis for about a year now. It's okay but overall I'm not satisfied. I find the shampoo leaves my hair dry but I love the conditioner.

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  • amca14 By  amca14    


    I love garnier products. This one worked great. Love the scent.

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  • aubs1994 By  aubs1994    


    I absolutely love the smell of this shampoo/conditioner. Has always worked well for me and made my hair shiny and smooth after use!

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  • Hevans26 By  Hevans26    

    Okay product. Makes my hair a bit dry. Used it for two weeks and loved the smell and everything else just wasn't fond of my hair being dry.

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  • peeler5555 By  peeler5555    

    no greasy look,soft to the touch,,this is for me.

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  • lquill88 By  lquill88    

    My least favorite shampoo and conditioner. I used it a few times and gave it away. I didn't like the way they made my hair feel afterwards.

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  • meganinez2011 By  meganinez2011    

    I love garnier. They make your hair smell so good and feel really soft.

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  • hevans86 By  hevans86    

    Garnier is one of my favorite brands of shampoo&conditioner. Amazing smell and its one of the only brands that makes my hair managable. I have extremely thick, long hair so I can't use just an brand of shampoo&conditioner because I won't be able to brush through it. This is an affordable brand that does great with my hair.

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  • ShellM4 By  ShellM4    

    Love, love this shampoo and conditioner, I do rotate but this is one of my top favorites. It makes my hair so soft and smooth and smell incredible and it gives it a healthy shine.

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  • MsChristinaK By  MsChristinaK    

    I like Garnier shampoos and conditioners for their smell, feeling of clean, and quality for price but I swear that my hair falls out way more in the shower when I use them. Therefore, I alternate between my other shampoos. Still use Garnier though.

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  • bambiluv By  bambiluv    

    I have used many many shampoos that have claimed to leave my hair feeling clean AND Moisturized. This product has been wonderful. I will not buy anything anything else. My hair is very dry and coarse so the added moisturizers are just what I need.

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  • Icatsstaci By  Icatsstaci    

    The shampoo had a very clean citrus smell but was not overpowering. It lathers very well and didn't leave any residue. The conditioner did not need to be left in before rinsing and to me did not have a smell. It did not particularly stand out from other conditioners to me. After using this shampoo and conditioner my hair was very soft. Since my hair is thick it usually tangles very easily but did not with this shampoo/conditioner. Even my husband commented on how nice my hair looked and all I did was let it air dry!

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  • arsaivi By  arsaivi    

    makes my hair less frizzy ..

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  • Ivacvjeticanin By  Ivacvjeticanin    

    Made my hair really dry and oily.... i tried several garnier shampoo and conditioner and all of them caused similar issues..... would say best to stick to their hairsprays and what not..

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