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Tips to Help Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

on Apr 11, 2012: When I bought a Swiffer sweeper several years ago, I quickly realized that it was both expensive and earth-unfriendly. The pre-moistened towels that went over the flat mop came about 8 to a package and cost a lot. I thought a bit and one day realized I could cut up old bath & dish towels, moisten …

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Be a Critic: Share Your Opinion About Movies to win a Blu-Ray Player

on Feb 22, 2012: Almost of these movies deserved to be nominated as opposed to those that were. I was offended by Von Trier's comments, Melancholia should be in the list due to the intensity and work by the actors. Leo DiCaprio was left out of the Oscars race when all of his work shines. I do think that The Girl W…

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Share & Win Gorgeous Jewelry from Kate Spade

on Nov 02, 2011: I have always loved CUFF bracelets and was so happy when they recently made a come-back to the fashion scene! Whether they're bold and simple or elaborately designed and encrusted with jewels, large cuff bracelets complete any outfit!