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   By SheSpeaksTeam  Nov 01, 2011

An outfit isn't complete without the right accessories. From the shine of real diamonds to the glow of fantastic replicas, a little or a lot of jewelry can deliver just the right look. Perhaps a little black dress with the perfect necklace or a showstopper silhouette with understated earrings, either way accessories can be the perfect accent to any ensemble.

And like with our clothing, it's an opportunity to reveal a bit of our personality. It's a glimpse into who we are, our taste and our style. We can go a bit wild with it one day and be a bit more restrained the next. We can borrow our friend's, sister's, or mom's and not have to worry that we're not the right "size." Some pieces last us as season and others a lifetime.

We want to know what you love about accessories. Do you have a favorite piece that you just can't live without? Is jewelry always at the top of your holiday wish list? Do you have accessories that have been passed down through the family that you treasure? Which pieces give you the fondest memories? What stores do you love? Which stores do you frequent?


Hats, rings, scarves, boots, we want to hear what you love the most.  Post a review or what you love about accessories to this blog and you'll be entered to WIN some amazing accessories of your own! The contest starts November 1st and ends November 7th at 6:00 p.m. EST.

Check out these amazing prizes:

Good luck!


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joycesmith by joycesmith | NEW YORK, NY
Nov 16, 2011

I really like how rose gold jewelry has become popular lately. it's a nice way to get to wear pink, without having to be decked out in pink.

angeldotcom by angeldotcom | DOTHAN, AL
Nov 08, 2011

Wow so happy won the Lane Gloves with a Leather Bow can not wait to wear them . I just got a email wanting to know my size that would be a Medium ......Thanks so much what a Blesssing !!!!!

Cropperhopper by Cropperhopper | SHARON, PA
Nov 08, 2011

My favorite ring is a ruby and diamond ring that my husband bought for me for christmas after just being married for a couple of years. It wasn't that expensive at the time, and we were shocked when we learned that the value tripled in just a couple of years! I need to have it repaired now, or I would be wearing it every day. My husband says that what's the point in buying it if you're just going to have it sit in a box? It made sense to me. LOL! I love to wear my real jewelry, but I have a few costume pieces that are my favorites, because of how pretty they are, and I bring them out when we go out. I also have a pair of black boots for the cooler weather that look sexy that I love to wear. I have one pair of jeans that are so comfortable you forget that they are jeans, and they make me look so thin. I save them for when I want to look sexy for my husband.

lora6515 by lora6515 | WEST NEW YORK, NJ
Nov 07, 2011

A big bracelet makes an outfit transcend from ho-hum to Holy smoke. Hats and gloves are winter accessories and the more stylish the better.

Byrdy1999 by Byrdy1999 | ORCHARD PARK, NY
Nov 07, 2011

I always use accessories. This way I don't have to keep buying new clothes every year. I still have the same little black dress for seven years and with accessories, it keeps it looking new every year.

momsvoicetoday by momsvoicetoday | cleveland, OK
Nov 07, 2011

Belts, any style, color, fabric they can change just about any outfit. Love belts.

tallredhead by tallredhead | Hot Springs Village, AR
Nov 07, 2011

Accessories are an inexpensive way to change up any outfit for very little money. I love the new large stretch rings.

Mona12879 by Mona12879 | Murrysville, PA
Nov 07, 2011

I love large jewelry that can really make a statement about your personality and make an outfit more fun!

Ineri218 by Ineri218 | Far Rockaway, NY
Nov 06, 2011

I am a girly girl. I love vintage pieces and anything lacy. My Jewelry is not big but should make a pretty statement. In the winter, a nice wool set of hat, gloves and scarf is good enough for me in many different colors.

sourdoughpatch by sourdoughpatch | NEW YORK, NY
Nov 06, 2011

Tiffany jewelry are a good investment. It's classic and timeless and goes with pretty much everything.

illtryitnow by illtryitnow | DARIEN, IL
Nov 06, 2011

I love sterling earrings, necklaces and bracelets. I have some favorites purchased in Mexico.

ritajane04 by ritajane04 | boone, IA
Nov 06, 2011

My favorite accessories are a sapphire necklace and ring. I love them because I mined them myself, and they will be passed down thru the years.

ritajane04 by ritajane04 | boone, IA
Nov 06, 2011

My favorite accessories are a sapphire necklace and ring. The reason I love them so much is because I mined the sapphires myself in North Carolina. And they will be passed down thru the years.

xoxsugar529xox by xoxsugar529xox | SCOTTSDALE, AZ
Nov 06, 2011

I love using accessories to change up my outfits. I buy pretty classic, conservative clothes and add some color/fun with different accessories. Accessorizes keep my outfits and closet looking fresh. Scarves are my favorite fall accessory!

Glamamama1 by Glamamama1 | E BRUNSWICK, NJ
Nov 06, 2011

Accessories add the little bit of zip that you need to really make every outfit unique!