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  • Kittykatt1976 By  Kittykatt1976    

    Everyone's favorite magazine

    Great features plenty of information available in large print educational fun to read I'd recommend this to readers everywhere especially the avid ones

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  • Cdettra By  Cdettra    

    Have subscribed to this magazine forever! My husband loves it too. It has great real stories and a good dose of humor

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  • Belleofthelight By  Belleofthelight    

    Refreshing literature

    For decades this magazine has been refreshing to read. As a writer, I find the passages to be very inspirational and thought-provoking. The monthly features are worth looking forward to seeing.

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  • jackmanbridges By  jackmanbridges    

    amazing love to read makes me laugh an cry a must have

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  • Dwn4MyFam By  Dwn4MyFam    

    i love the articles is this magazine

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  • bambiluv By  bambiluv    

    Great magazine! I find that time just flies when I'm reading it. It's full of great stories and wonderful humorous stories and jokes. I'm always a little bit sad when I flip through the last pages.

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    It has the funny stories you can share with everyone!

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  • sadawna By  sadawna    

    I love this magazine! It is informative and the jokes are genuinely funny. I never throw my copies out because I can always re-read them.

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  • theorganizer By  theorganizer    

    The best ever! I look forward to receiving each month's edition. Articles are just the right length; the size is perfect for holding (think arthritis, etc.); and it includes the right mix of seriousness, humor and educational information. You will love it !

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  • dianegug By  dianegug    

    I love Reader's Digest. We have had a subscription for years. The articles are well written and interesting. Perfect size for a quick read in the bathroom. Hey when you are a mother of six, you take reading time whenever you get it.

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  • tbstahr By  tbstahr    

    Every member of my family gets excited the day we get our Reader's Digest. We fight over who gets to read it first.

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  • mystigal By  mystigal    

    I've been reading Readers Digest since I was a kid (the first time was in a doctors office). I still love reading it and especially love all the great stories, recipes, health articles and funny jokes in each edition.

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  • mpom66 By  mpom66    

    I heave read Readers Digets for many years and plan on reading it for many years to come!

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  • Rmsmith By  Rmsmith    

    I grew up with this magazine. There is one issue that needs addressed. I recently continued my subscription. I have recieved three notices that I am due for renewal since my on line payment has cleared. That is an overhead expense that is not necessary and arouses concern for the scamming that goes on these days. Get a grip on your renewal memberships Reader's Digest and save money in the long term.

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  • wendyk By  wendyk    

    I enjoy reading all the stories and find it reasonably priced. My dad enjoys reading it as well.

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