Lady Gaga Fame Monster

Lady Gaga Fame Monster

              Rated #70 in Music
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Monster Lady GaGa is amazingly talented and her music is for any and everbody. This album is wonderful.

Love her music I just love her catchy songs i could listen to her all day and that is the sign of a true artist, she has a real connection with her audience.

Gaga Hits Another Homerun lady gaga is a genuine genuis goddess and every one of her songs is beautiful. there are no bad gaga songs. enjoy!

This is Gaga's best album!! So sad she doesn't make pop music like this anymore, I'd love to see this side of her again! Such great hits on here. All of the tracks on here make you want to just dance, have fun, and just be able to escape the real world for a little! Love love love.

Love Best introduction to Lady Gaga! Each song has a fun vibe to it. I would recommend listening to this first and then all the albums just to see how her music has progressed. Joanne is BEAUTIFUL!

Her Best Album I like some of Lady Gaga's newer work but this particular album was my favorite. She came on to the scene with a unique edginess and songs that will get stuck in your head for days. Her voice is powerful and her message is strong. She is a modern woman that can do it all.

Lady Gaga Rocks I love her music and art. I also believe she is evolving as a musician and will continue to do so. I love her to because she has some songs that make you want to cry and some songs that make you wanna dance.

good beats mature lyrics This is a really good album its got that pop rock beat mixed with a little bit of 90's hip hop too of coarse it is lady gaga so if your looking for a Album for you child you might want to wait till they turn at least 15

Not the best of lady gaga I am a lady gaga fan but this album wasnt as good as her others. I felt like it was more like a billy idol album which was a huge disappointment

I could love it or leave it with lady gaga. Some songs are good and others leave you wondering wth?

Personally i love lady gaga, and i find her songs to be extremely catchy. This album in particular is really unique and different than her usual songs that sing about sex. If you don't like her though, however you obviously wouldn't like it.

Upbeat music that I love to listen to in my shower. Not my normal Genre but I like it none the less.

Her music is ok, she won't be one that goes down in the history books. Her shocking costumes and persona is what sells.

Want to dance or really feel strong and confident in yourself? Put on Lady Gaga! She is all for self-love, being yourself, and dancing in this album. I loved the collaborations and the songs are still not old in 2015 to me. She is intersectional and diverse with each song that isn't just boy-girl or female-dominated, this album was raw emotion and exploration! This whole album was about freedom as a woman for me. "Alejandro" to "Bad Romance" and "Teeth" just pump you up.

Not interested in her OR her music....she is strange in my opinion.