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Randy Pausch The Last Lecture

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Jul 21, 2010 : Been wanting to get this book! Saw him on Oprah and loved him, so I know the book will be great!

McDonalds Frappe

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Jul 10, 2010 : I do like the taste of these beverages, but I no longer buy them b/c they are not offered in decaf…

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Miley Cyrus: Child Celebrity On The Edge?

on Dec 19, 2010: I think it goes both ways. On the one hand, she is fairly normal in her youth experimenting with new things--which is not to say "every 18 year old" does that, which I've read way too much of lately as I did not among most of my friends. Also, at least she chose something legal to partake in recre…
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The Best Lingerie for Your Body Type

on Feb 27, 2010: Good to know I was already buying the right stuff for my pear shape! Maybe I'm better at shopping than I thought... ;)
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