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  • SamNau By  SamNau    

    Delicious treat

    Frappe is really delicious though it is too sugary and creamy, but still a great treat for your chocolate craving.

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  • Fangililla By  Fangililla    

    Nothing but love

    I love this drink, i always get it in the moka and now get it at Dunkin donuts because i can't always get to mc.d's.

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  • Kristi5858 By  Kristi5858    

    Mickey D's delicious Frappes

    We love the Frappe! They come in a few different flavors. I love the caramel frappe. Right now too, if you download the McDonald's App, when get a Frappe punch card, so when you buy I believe 5 or 6, the next one is free! My friend uses it ALL the time! She has gotten herself a few FREE frappes, and HEY......Who doesn't like FREE RIGHT?

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  • MrsH9870 By  MrsH9870    

    Love these, not something I can eat often due to the calories but a great treat on a cheat day!

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  • khall01 By  khall01    

    Tasty Chocolate Treat

    Not as much coffee flavor as a frappachino from Starbucks, but still a good treat if you are craving chocolate

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  • brandiedforlife By  brandiedforlife    

    Mcdonalds Mocha Frappé are my favorite around! I've had some from other restaurants and gas stations and they don't come close! Mmmm I'm going to have to go get me one now!

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  • sjgentry1 By  sjgentry1    

    Love the frappe's. Caramel is my favorite! I am craving one right now. great taste and flavor.

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  • Hotsalsa99 By  Hotsalsa99    

    I like these when I'm at McDonald's with the kids, which is probably more than I like. I sometimes grab one for the walk home, or drink one after I eat. It's sweet and hits the spot. I think it's a little too sweet and I wish they'd offer more in the cup. Sometimes it's a little stingy with the whipped cream too.

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  • thegiftofgab By  thegiftofgab    

    I love their Frappe selection, and how delicious it is on a hot summer day. I prefer their regular iced coffee though, because the Frappe tends to be a bit on the sweeter side. Still a good beverage to have once in a while.

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  • leslie82 By  leslie82    

    I love McDonald's Frappes! Caramel is my favorite! They are sweet and creamy, my morning pick me up! Sometimes I stop by my local McD's and grab one instead of having my hot cup of coffee!

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  • kam180 By  kam180    

    Way too sweet! It's like a liquid sugar drink; should not even have frappe in the name as it probably has a minimal amount of coffee.

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  • Amber_Lee By  Amber_Lee    

    Not a fan of the Chocolate frappe, But i love the Carmel frappes. I usually get one atlas twice a week.

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  • morganh By  morganh    

    I love these, they're delicious! There are multiple flavors to choose from and all of them are tasty.

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  • brandy42680 By  brandy42680    

    I am not personally fond of this coffee drink...the coffee has a bitter after taste! I like strong tasting coffee drinks and this one has it..but it leaves a bitter after taste.

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  • SweetPea83 By  SweetPea83    

    I love the caramel frape from mcdonald's. It's not a lot with a lot of calories so I don't get this like I used to. It's pretty good though! I can easily make my own though that taste similar for cheaper!

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