The Best Lingerie for Your Body Type

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The Best Lingerie for Your Body Type

Find The Lingerie That Makes You Feel Sexy

In daylight, spanx are a girl’s best friend. But when you slip off that pencil skirt and turn in for the evening, you’ll want something comfortable and alluring - that means lingerie that plays to your assets, and hides the less-than-perfect. You don’t have to wait to lose weight or tone up to look and feel great in lingerie. We’ve got some suggestions for your body type below.


Even Out A Pear Shape

To camouflage a larger bottom half, we love short robes and A-line chemises; a robe’s playful silhouette flows over hips and thighs, but you can keep the hemline well above the knee for a flirty feel.

When shopping for sexy chemises, look for designs that have a seam just below the bust, and that flow out - don’t cling - from there. They’ll glide over your bottom, but will highlight your shoulders and decollate beautifully. 

Hide a Tummy

For the ultimate in comfortable-sexy, don’t underestimate the power of a tee that hides your tummy, paired with a cute pair of boy shorts. 

The same sort of chemise that works to balance a pear shape can also work with a larger middle - better yet, look for a miniskirt length, and a bodice with no seams at all, that hangs straight down from the neckline.


Flatter a Large Bust

It’s tough to find the best bras for big breasts. For sexy options that you’ll actually want to show off, we recommend three fantastic brands: Freya, Fantasie, and Le Mystere, all of which carry cup sizes up to F (some styles go up to H).

For a bra you can wear under dresses and sweaters, too, look for a thick strap for support, and a balcony cup with thicker fabric on the bottom half, to supplement a lacy or more gossamer upper cup.

"You don't have to wait to lose weight or tone up to look and feel great in lingerie. "

What is your favorite piece of lingerie? 

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  • Lizzlebit By Lizzlebit

    Good to know I was already buying the right stuff for my pear shape! Maybe I'm better at shopping than I thought... ;)

  • claudiaaydeea By claudiaaydeea

    well since im kind of big most of the suggested lingerie make me look way bigger than iam so yea@!!!!!

  • misslin19074 By misslin19074

    missmeganbrynn...THANKS so much!!! I went and signed up there, at Hips and Curves, and I shopped...Did you get the Tote Bag?? I did...I want everyone to see it!!!

  • missmeganbrynn By missmeganbrynn

    I love the site is awesome!

  • Schoolgirly By Schoolgirly

    I love wearing Lingerie!! It makes every woman feel sexy.

  • pickles1974 By pickles1974

    walkinhuntmom...I'm with you! I would give anything to have cute little bra's instead of the granny bras that we are forced to wear. AND because mine are natural, I have to get what supports and that is big wide strapped and UGLY! That puts backless options out of the question for me. And as far as spanks, I tried them and I had the problem with the high wasted ones rolling down and I also had lumps around my thighs. I would like to try a pair that extend to the knees where there is really nothing to squeeze out. As long as they dont roll up!

  • pickles1974 By pickles1974

    I have the HARDEST time with lingerie! My chest is big and well, floppy..ha =( when I do find something that I really like, the seam that is supposed to go around the rib cage/under the chest goes right across the middle of my tickets. Of course those are my favorites because I have been blessed with a smaller waist that I like to show. I hate my knees and the cellulite on my legs. I have a hour glass shape but I have knocked knees. I'm a mess and my poor husband never gets the thrill of me in something sexy. It's awful!

  • dolly26 By dolly26

    i really <3 to feel sexy all day n wearin sexy nities makes me feel sexy n to the night. i luv the baby doll fited sleep wear cuz i dont have to get a bigger size than i need. see i wear 38DD so i tend to have to buy clothes n such larger than i have to beacuse of my bust. and for the spandex i usally pull them up as far as i can and wear a tight fited stretch belt around my high waist. hope that helps.

  • SYdLynn By SYdLynn

    I got caught by my boyfriend in my spanx it was a turn off for him and i wish i would have read this article first lol

  • HJFinnie By HJFinnie

    This is a great article. I just had a baby, and feeling sexy is difficult.

  • lovebeingamommy By lovebeingamommy

    I have a pair of high waisted Spanx and they still roll down....

  • champion88 By champion88

    To PennStateCutie - What you should really look into is victoria secrets lace long tees. They are actually on sale now for half the sale price so about 8.99.

  • Foofie5 By Foofie5

    I love lacy pretty bras in all different colors. I am a large chested plus size woman and my busts are my best asset so I enjoy dressing the "girls" up!

  • walknhuntmom By walknhuntmom

    For the smaller chested girls, how is that you have it tough? I mean, I understand the need for wanting to pump up what you have and add volume, but there are so many cute options geared toward the smaller breasted woman. I would love to still be able to buy them and wear, I hate having to buy what looks like a granny bra, but thanks to two children and breastfeeding, that's the choice I'm left with. Be glad you've got smaller breasts and more options.

  • librarygirl By librarygirl

    I would have to agree with Penn State girl. There are never any suggestions for us smaller chested women. Push-up bras are obsene (I can't take myself seriously when I try to wear one and never make it out the door). We need some suggestions for what to wear especially when we gain a little weight. The weight , unfortunately, never goes to my chest but my butt and thighs. What would be good to even that out and help to feel sexy?

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