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DripDrop Hydration Powder - Berry

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DripDrop Hydration Powder - Lemon

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Enter the @SheSpeaksUp #NewVenusSwirl Giveaway!

on Mar 19, 2015: I am loving the idea of the flexiball. The idea of swirling around to the hard to reach places such as behind the knee and the crevice of the underarm area is awesome. I think when it is time for some more razors, I am definitely going to be adding this to my shopping list

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Are You A Wee Bit Irish? Enter the SheSpeaks Shamrock Giveaway

on Mar 19, 2015: If I have to choose from the photo list, I would choose Bill Murray but my favorite Irish American is Jackie Gleason.

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Why Being Too Thin May Soon Be a Crime in France

on Mar 19, 2015: I am with @jenbcute. I don't think it should be a governmental decision but it is definitely a discussion that needs to be addressed in the modeling world not only in runway but in print modeling as well. I agree with weigh ins ONLY if they are legitimately used for healthy weight management.