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How New Glasses and Straws Can Combat "Date Rape" Drugs

on Sep 10, 2013: With my daughter away at school (Rutgers University) I am more and more aware of things as far as she is concerned. I worry about things like this - you hear it all the time now - and of course we have had the talk about leaving drinks around or even accepting drinks from others. Right now she c…

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RSVP for the NETGEAR #LifeConnected Twitter Party Tuesday 9/10 at 1 PM EST

on Sep 10, 2013: I think I RSVPed , but to be one the "safe" side RSVP @Kat1126. Now I have to go read the instructions since I don't think I've ever really done one of these

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Good Morning Coffee Cake

on Jul 26, 2013: This looks amazing! I think it will be high on my list of must tries - like maybe this weekend :)