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  • Kat1126 By  Kat1126    

    I love this corkscrew by Tupperware, but I must confess I am a Tupperware Consultant. I originally got one of these to try so I could be well versed if anyone asked me about this product (since many people still think we are only about bowls - totally wrong but that's another story). I have tried many different kinds of corkscrews and have to say that this one is the EASIEST to use and has always given a clean cork "out" ... no splits, no cracks, no problems. I really am glad I decided to try this one ... its in my liquor cabinet in Florida so I need to pick up another one. Thanks for reminding me - order in :)

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  • rwatts123 By  rwatts123    

    A confession: I enjoy a glass of wine every so often. What I don't like was trying to get the darn cork out of the bottle. I ended up ruining a few bottles of wine by adding bits and pieces of cork to it. I tried so many different corkscrews (cheap and way too expensive). Well a few years back, I went to a tupperware party and saw thier version of a corkscrew. There wasn't a demo for me to try. First my thought was, yeah how is this one going to be any different? It's tupperware for goodness sake. What do they know about corkscrews. But I wanted to say I tried it so I bought it. So glad I did. It is THE BEST and EASIEST corkscrew I've ever used. You use one hand to hold the corkscrew snug against the bottle and use the other to simply turn the top....and voila...the cork is out! No muss, no fuss, no mess!!! I love it.

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