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Top 10 Couponing Myths Debunked

on Sep 25, 2012: I'm not working currently and couponing has saved me and my family I get to purchase things for free and instead of wasting money I dont have I just order my coupons i want on coupon clipping sites. Even if I end up purchasing something my household may not eat or use I can give them to somebody …

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Victoria's Secret vs. Dove: Ad Campaign Photos Ignite Body Image Debate

on Sep 25, 2012: I thinks it's rather amusing because this is quite similar to vs against the lane bryant commercial so the media is just doing it again the skinny vs the fatty. Some women are naturally thin and some women are naturally heavy we are what we are. I am a plussized woman and that dove ad appeals to m…

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Chris Brown's Latest Tattoo: Is It Really Rihanna?

on Sep 25, 2012: I do not believe it is her on his neck however it is his body and he can do whatever he likes to it. As far as those two getting back together again its their lives my opinion really doesn't matter,about the situation I know you can forgive but don't forget but it also seems like a one woman incid…