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Mereadesso Beautiful Body Balm

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Jan 16, 2012 : Any time water is the first ingredient, I think of supermarket brands....It smells good and works …

Perugina Dark Chocolate with Almonds

Perugina Da… Rating

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Jan 16, 2012 : I had not tried this before and I love it!!! High quality, and delicious--and dark chocolate but s…

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5 Tips & 5 Giveaways to Improve Your Sleep

on Jan 12, 2012: I take an Epsom salt bath, and add lavender oil to the bath, for the smell. It makes me feel like "buttah!" I can almost fall asleep in the tub with that combo. Then I slide into flannel pjs, onto fleece sheets and whammo. Out like a light. The Epsom salt is the key. The rest is just fun. It'…
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A Woman To Watch

on Aug 20, 2008: Wow: what an inspiration. She is amazing! And a what a team sport she is, in additon to a hard worker and "never say die" woman of the millenium.
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