Mereadesso  Beautiful Body Balm

Mereadesso Beautiful Body Balm

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I will be honest and say I would not buy this. It is nice and not really heavy, but the smell is awful. It did feel pretty good on my hands, but having to smell it stops me from wanting to use it. Even my husband told me that it stunk. If they could fix teh smell, maybe. As it is, not if I can help it.

I am compelled to review and give 4 stars after reading all the negative reviews of this product. I would give 5 stars but the product is too expensive. Had I not received the Mereadesso Beautiful Body Balm in my December Cravebox, I would not have purchased it. I would not have purchased it because of the price but not because it isn't good lotion, it is. I have keratosis pilaris which makes the skin on the back of my arms very bumpy. To cure this, I use AmLactin or Eucerin but the Beautiful Body Balm cures it as well. This product is very moisturizing without being too greasy. The smell doesn't bother me, I think it smell citrusy.

The more I use this lotion, the more I like it - glides on smoothly and absorbs quickly. The scent is okay and does not linger. What I like most about the scent is that it is not overpowering like many products. I would consider purchasing it in the future.

I'm kind of on the fence about this one. It is very watery, but it also glides on easier than some thicker lotions. I don't mind the smell - and it dissipates very quickly and I can see that it is packed full of natural and organic ingredients so I guess that's why it's so pricey. Overall I was glad to have received it in my cravebox rather than paying for it - I certainly wouldn't but it again.

Although others are giving negative reviews, I like this lotion. I have dry skin so when I saw it wasn't thick I figured it wouldn't work for me.....wrong! It was nice to have a thinner moisturizer that did the same work as my quality thick creams. As far as the smell I found it unique and a nice change. I normally use frangranced or perfume lotions and this smells fresh and clean. Not a smell I was expecting but I like it none the less. All in all I like the product!

How can SheSpeaks put a positive review as the featured review when CLEARLY most reviews for this product are negative. I feel the same as the others. Thin, unpleasant smelling lotion.

I have eczema so I am VERY picky with lotions. I tried it for a few days and didn't like it. I found the lotion to be runny/ thin and had a weird smell. Because my skin is dry, I needed something thicker. This lotion was a bit sticky. Instead of feeling moisturized, I think it dried out my skin instead.

very thin, runny, actually reminded me of a cover base rather than all purpose cream. scent not pleasant either~ i like other creams for better hydration and scent

Sorry, but not a fan. I thought that a "high end" moisturizer would be something special - given the listed online price. I don't object to the consistency as much as the odor. I often put lotion on my legs before putting on my jammies and going to bed. I could not imagine climbing under the covers with that smell. I really wanted to like this but alas... I'll check with friends and coworkers to see if any of them would like to have it.

I agree with most of the other reviewers. This product was way too thin and the scent wasn't that great either. The moisturizing aspects were lacking too. Just not a very good product.

This was like really cheap lotion you would get at a dollar store. It smelled bad, was really thin, and was not very moisturizing. I though about giving it away for a gift, but didn't want anyone to think I was that cheap. It was just bad. I hope this is not a trend in future cravebox items.

The scent is not really my taste, I did find it a bit runny and would prefer a thicker consistancy.

Any time water is the first ingredient, I think of supermarket brands....It smells good and works ok, but too much water to be high end brand

First- my bottle came broken. The cap was completely smashed and the lotion had leaked all over the bag it was in. Thank goodness for the bag. My box was not damaged nor were any other products so whoever packed the box MUST have seen the mess but just put it in anyway...sad. Second- Opening my cravebox to the god awful stench of this nauseating runny mess is beyond my ability with words to explain. It smells worse than Hope in a jar if that helps any of you. It's thin but still manages to be sticky and greasy. Just plain YUCK! I wouldn't recommend this to anyone, I'd be afraid they might use it and I would have to smell it on them. Bleh!

I did not like this lotion at all!! The smell was nauseating, and that alone was a deal-breaker for me.