A Woman To Watch

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A Woman To Watch

Watching the Olympics this year may do more for you than just entertain.  If you happened to catch Dara Torres compete, there is a good chance you could not help feeling inspired by her.  The 41-year-old mother of a two-year-old now holds 10 Olympic medals and she is not finished. 


Last Sunday Torres became the oldest Olympic swimming medalist when she helped her U.S. team take home silver in the 4x100-meter freestyle relay. Torres’ victorious run may not be over yet, as she is still scheduled to compete in the 50-meter-freestyle.


Even though Torres retired from elite training back in 2000, she still kept up with swimming in the Masters every year.  Her training continued through her pregnancy, morning sickness, and soon after the birth of her daughter.  Torres talked to Time magazine earlier this year after winning a spot in the Olympic trials.  She said, “I had literally just breast fed my daughter, got on the blocks and got ready to swim.  I didn’t know what to expect, so I was pleasantly surprised.”


Since coming back into the spotlight Torres has undergone the expected scrutiny over whether she has used illegal performance enhancing drugs to be able to have the strength and incredible endurance she has at her age.  In response to the scrutiny and questions, Torres has committed herself to numerous drug tests and has even signed on with a random drug-testing program that probes into many aspects of her life to prove she is clean.  Illegal substances have never been found in her system.


Some may ask why she puts herself through all of that just to prove she is not taking steroids.  Her answer is as inspiring as her Olympic performances, “I feel like I have so many middle-aged women who look up to me.  I want them to feel proud, and feel like they can do what they set out to do.  I would never do anything to disappoint these women.”


What do you think of Dara Torres’ response to scrutiny over whether she has taken performance-enhancing drugs?


Have you been able to catch Dara Torres competing in the Olympics this year?

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  • susanktz By susanktz

    She's a true olympian in my opinion. She represents what I would want to be.

  • shessburg By shessburg

    What a true strength as a women! It was awesome to see her swim and show women enjoy taking care of themselves and proving we can stay in good shape as we age. She is a true inspiration.

  • swimmingsportsmom By swimmingsportsmom

    I think that Dara Torres shows that we women become stronger and better with age. I want to be like that kind of Olympian. One who can breastfeed and get on the blocks. She is definitely an inspiration to me and shows me to take care of myself, continue to nurture myself and to keep dreaming.

  • marinewife3521 By marinewife3521

    honestly, more props to her. she's definitely an inspiration to me & I'm nowhere near her age. I'm glad she's making her dreams come true by competing in the olympics. Age is just a number, and I believe thats becoming more & more true as the years go by. 40 now isn't what 40 used to be!

  • MaurChclt By MaurChclt

    She's an inspiration! I loved watching her and admire her DREAM.

  • swellmel By swellmel

    Watching her compete this year was such a pleasure. Thanks for sharing your dream with us Dara!

  • dorina16 By dorina16

    She is an inspiration. She is the best she can be - and this is all we all should aspire to achieve.

  • libby1260 By libby1260

    she is really great at that age

  • lhobbit By lhobbit

    Way to go! Determination is the key.

  • Austinaunt By Austinaunt

    Wow: what an inspiration. She is amazing! And a what a team sport she is, in additon to a hard worker and "never say die" woman of the millenium.

  • indy4060 By indy4060

    I am amazed at how well a woman her age can compete with women half her age. She is an inspiration to women who think of themselves as too old to be in top shape.

    I did think that the amount of money that she spends on training is out of reach for the ormal person.

  • jsmmfamily By jsmmfamily

    I am so happy to see a woman her (and my) age in the Olympics. She represents the mature woman so well!

  • amy1234 By amy1234

    Good for Dara Torres, but the reality is that being an Olympic athlete is as much about money as it is about training. According to a NY Times article, Dara's training costs about $100k per year. Good thing she's married to a guy who makes a lot of money. She also grew up very wealthy in Beverly Hills.

    Its sad that excellent athletes that don't have money just can't compete. Literally.

  • bubbie_dempsey By bubbie_dempsey

    torres is definitly and inspiration to all women... for those of us that have a few physical limitations its heartwarming to see a woman especially at 41 years of age giving her children something to be proud of! keep goin til ur 60 girl!!! u can do it!!

  • gettinrevvin By gettinrevvin

    I can say I've never really been a swimming enthusiast, but I LOVED watching Dara compete! I do believe she is an inspiration to all. She handled coming in 2nd very gracefully as well. There will always be naysayers who have to tear down people who succeed. Perhaps they are just frustrated w/ themselves.

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