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Flying the Family Friendly Skies

on Sep 30, 2008: I think this would be a wonderful idea. In the past, I have not got a seat next to a family and if you have a small child and someone is not willing to switch it makes things very difficult. Plus if the airfare could be much less it would benefit families that want to travel together. Good idea.

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Stop the Mad "Makeover"

on Sep 24, 2008: This is so true its like you walk up to the counter and forget that you know yourself better than anyone but you have to have their advice about YOUR makeup. Next time i'm explaining exactly what I went to the store for!

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A Woman To Watch

on Aug 23, 2008: What a true strength as a women! It was awesome to see her swim and show women enjoy taking care of themselves and proving we can stay in good shape as we age. She is a true inspiration.