Perugina Dark Chocolate with Almonds

Perugina Dark Chocolate with Almonds

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Oh my Gosh this chocolate is to die for! I am a die hard dark chocolate fan, as is my oldest daughter and we both loved the Perugina Dark Chocolate with Almonds bar! It is so smooth and creamy, it melts in your mouth with the perfect touch of almonds to add a bit of crunch. I highly recommend this chocolate to anyone who enjoys a dark chocolate treat on occasion...this will definitely fix your craving and leave a smile on your face.

I loved this dark chocolate! I've always seen it in stores but never really intended to purchase it. Will defiantly be buying it next time I see it at the store! YUM!

a great treat for anytime of the day! loved it along with my two kids. didn't get much myself....

I had not tried this before and I love it!!! High quality, and delicious--and dark chocolate but still very tasty. 5 stars!!!

So good! They had a great combo of chocolate and nuts.

WOW! This brand really took me buy surprise, I'm not a dark chocolate person and after the candy in the Cravebox, I'm a new fan. Yummy and not overpowering or bitter....I Love It!!

I am not a fan of Dark chocolate but was hoping the almonds would help to offset the taste. It did not. The dark chocolate had a very strong flavor that left a aftertaste in my mouth. Debating if I want to use the remaining chocolate in a batch of brownies.

I love dark chocolate and so does my husband however this bar just did not impress us at all. The chocolate bar sat opened on the counter at my in laws for a whole week. We had 2 teenagers in thehouse and even they were not impressed with this bar. My husband ate half of the bar when he had a sugar low and I had 1/4 the bar over the week when I wanted to make sure I was able to really decide how I felt about it taste wise. I might have to try the milk chocolate bar and see if that is better.

a treat indeed. The dark chocolate was the best!

sooo happy I got the dark chocolate. I was very impressed and would surely buy it in the store. may consider getting as gifts for teachers and friends. THanks!!

Excellent! My husband, kids, and I shared this and we all agreed it was great.

I loved this dark chocolate treat! Me and my daughter ate the whole thing in one sitting!

I really enjoyed the taste and crunch of the caramelized almonds, much nicer than just plain almonds!

Love dark chocolate, and the caramelized almonds were a wonderful addition.

This was the most favorite thing in my Cravebox!! I have not eaten much dark chocolate but I just loved it!