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Enter the StyleUnited: New View, New You Giveaway

on Jun 15, 2012: Joined and LOVE IT!!!! The makeover feature was fun. :)

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Teen with Cancer May Get His Date with Taylor Swift After All

on Apr 04, 2012: This just goes to show that Taylor Swift is a real person with a heart, and not some assembly line robot like a lot of artist's nowadays. I hope Kevin gets his wish and also that he gets better soon!

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If the Shoe Fits, Fight Over it?

on Jan 02, 2012: It's all about status. "I got so and so" is a prime way to elevate one's status. I think it's ridiculous to go out and pay that much money for a pair of shoes. Absolutely ridiculous. My most expensive pair of shoes I own cost me $46, and they were bought for work, and they were worth every penny.…