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  • Mgoodman25 By  Mgoodman25    

    I love my Chapstick. I usually cary one on me daily. It is super hydrating for you lips, keeps them nice and soft. I like to have this on hand because my lips tend to be dry.

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  • Justmissash By  Justmissash    

    My fave brand of chapstick. I currently have at least 5 around house, in car and ourse, in room, etc. It hydrates and moisturizes my lips and leaves them soft and the chapped lips goes away in like a day or two. I love this brand and it's cheap too.

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  • heartinwv95 By  heartinwv95    

    Decent lip balm, but far too thin for my taste. It wears off very quickly and provides little protection from drying out in the elements, such as wind or cold.

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  • Mikhthr74 By  Mikhthr74    

    Love this Chapstick!

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  • anvargas1240 By  anvargas1240    

    smells a little weird but works great

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  • esauce90 By  esauce90    

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE this chapstick! During the summer and winter months, my lips tend to go crazy and start getting dry! This medicated chapstick helps my lips heal and feel amazing! I definitely recommend this!

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  • KeishaY By  KeishaY    

    Chapstick is a LIFE SAVER. We just traveled by car across the US. From the east coast (where we live) to the west. As soon as we reached about half way, my entire family started getting chaped lips and wind burned cheeks. I got us each a tube of chapstick and it became a daily ritual.

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  • ILoveSamplezx By  ILoveSamplezx    

    Chapstick is always in my purse. I dont use lipstick or lipgloss so I always have one available.

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  • misty102 By  misty102    

    oh my goodness this is the best chap stick ever it really keeps my lips moist and lasts all day

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  • Mystibry By  Mystibry    

    Awesome stuff! Chap Stick never lets me down and this medicated kind is great for cracked and sore lips. Really soothes.

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  • Msafenn By  Msafenn    

    Favorite of the Chapstick brands! Love it.. Addicting!!

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  • SarahDakota By  SarahDakota    

    Love this, keeps your lips feeling smooth and easy and convenient to keep in your purse or wherever you need it!

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  • ezgoingmom By  ezgoingmom    

    Chap Stick is great. I love a lot of there chap sticks. The smell of this one I really like. It kind of gets addicting

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  • Aklindb11 By  Aklindb11    

    Love it. Inexpensive and works great! It prevent chapping and helps soothe chapped lips. Nothing bad to say about it!

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  • sheisfamous By  sheisfamous    

    I really do carry a Chapstick with me almost everywhere I go! This is a classic and I enjoy the creamy softness it gives to my lips. I just wished the feeling of hydration lasted longer.

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