If the Shoe Fits, Fight Over it?

   By drodriguez  Dec 31, 2011

While we wind down from the holidays this year many of us are pleased with the time we spent with family and what was waiting for us under the tree.  But did you ever consider resorting to violence to get that special someone something they really wanted for Christmas? Most would probably say no, but as reports show every year the hot new hard-to-find products have a history of turning consumers into mad shoppers.

Nike’s new retro Air Jordans (which were made to look like the originals from 1984) had a limited release the Friday before Christmas and drove potential buyers to sleep overnight in store parking lots across the country.

Sports Illustrated reports about some of the incidences and arrests that occurred during the release of these shoes. In Seattle large crowds were pushing, fighting, and breaking down doors to the point that law enforcement had to step in and use pepper spray.

Reports from Jersey City, NJ about a brawl that broke out between people in line ended in a stabbing. A Georgia woman left her two toddlers in the car while she went in to the store to find the shoes, meanwhile bystanders had to break open her window to save the children. In Tukwila, WA police report that crowds were on the verge of starting a riot before police stepped in.

With this sort of chaos going on at stores for a sneaker that costs almost $200, you have to expect online sellers are coming up with extravagant price points in a bid to draw in shoppers who failed to score the shoes at the stores. Time magazine's Moneyland blog reports that sellers on Amazon and eBay were asking anywhere from $400 - $975 for the kicks.

And while these reports sound outrageous we have to ask ourselves what drives consumers to behave this way over a pair of sneakers or whatever the popular hot holiday product happens to be each year?

Have you ever found yourself in a shopping craze trying to find the hot new item to fulfill a wish list?

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podunkmom by podunkmom | HOUSTON, TX
Jan 24, 2012

I found the actions to be highly disturbing. My oldest daughters are 19 and 26. They have never owned a pair of high top name brand sneakers. Never a pair of high top sneakers. They are not ashamed to tell others this fact. I believe strongly in living below your means. The shoes are "status" symbols sadly. I just taught my kids why spend $ 200 + for sneakers. Then you have to worry about being robbed at gunpoint for your shoes, in your neighborhood? Why pay money to have shoes when they debut, then have your electricity cut off. Why have shoes, and spend the rest of the month not eating. Why have shoes that you have to charge on a credit card. A card that the lowest interest rate is 19%. Of which you can only pay the minimum, and it takes 2 yrs to pay for the shoes. I like nice things, but I will make sure the necessary things come first.

Jcbuser by Jcbuser | WINDSOR, CO
Jan 03, 2012

What a sad, sad day. With all the legitimate issues and concerns in this world, to choose to fight over overpriced shoes is beyond ridiculous. So very sad.

mardel by mardel | SCHAUMBURG, IL
Jan 03, 2012

My husband loves Jordan shoes but to go to the extreme some people went through is rediculous. They are great but the prize on them is just to much. They only time that I actually went crazy looking for a Christmas item as a gift was for my niece it was the Leapfrog leapad. I did everything to get one but finally gave up.

Amanda_Ellis by Amanda_Ellis | Cullman, AL
Jan 02, 2012

It's all about status. "I got so and so" is a prime way to elevate one's status. I think it's ridiculous to go out and pay that much money for a pair of shoes. Absolutely ridiculous. My most expensive pair of shoes I own cost me $46, and they were bought for work, and they were worth every penny. Did I stab someone to get them? No. Are they as cool as Jordan's? Depends on who you ask. Will I ever pay $200 for a pair of shoes? Not on your life.

Dec 31, 2011

I think it's so ignorant and unesscary for people to fight when shopping, black friday or not. I don't get itno that stuff.