Pantene Pro-V Conditioner

Pantene Pro-V Conditioner

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I would give a zero star if it was allowed! This product builds up on your hair and destroys it! Absolutely junk 8n a bottle! Watch the commercials backwards and thats how this product works!

Pantene is very detrimental to hair. It coats it and builds up and dries it out. It makes you think it's doing a good job because it smells great and feels smooth because of the build up. My hair dresser really discourages using it because it's not good for you

I have a sensitive scalp and this just builds up horrible residue. It weighs my hair down dramatically as well and I have naturally volume-filled hair. I think it has too much alcohol in it, and it does nothing for me. I have thick, never colored, wavy, light brunette hair.

I used to use Pantene all the time, but it's really not a good product for your hair overall. At first it's nice, and it smells good. But this product is full of heavy waxes that weigh down your hair and eventually leave it dry and gross. Over time it tends to do more harm than good. The "silky" feeling does not last.

Not happy with Pantene any more, they change ingredients in their products to much, trying to make products for all individuals, curly, fine, dry, etc...I have found in the last 2-3 years their products have declined, and once I find something that works for me, it is off the market within the year. I have called them about this and they tell me to use the "new' product out for that issue and it never works, I am done buying Pantene products!

Pantene is one of the worst products to use for your hair. it is full of waxes and silicones that coat your hair to make it look healthy and shiney. The keyword is LOOK healthy. The problem is if you try to get off the build up, which is very difficult your hair will look just as bad if not worse. The build up on your hair will actually block any conditioning oils from getting into your hair which will dry it out further. Stay away from products like these

This product leaves my hair greasy, limp, and feeling weighed-down. I don't like it at all, even though the smell is wonderful.

I used to love Pantene products but they seem to leave my hair dry and wanting more moisture lately. This conditioner leaves my hair limp and flat. I have very wavy thick hair that I usually have to fight to keep calm. Don't know if the formula has changed or my hair has changed.

Leaves hair soft but I was told by my hair dresser that it's the worst product for your hair. I was bummed

This product works great to detangle and the smell is good and lasts well, but like all other pantene products after a while it feels like it leaves a residue on my hair. I definitely lost volume within a week of using it.

I've heard some relatively good reviews about this product but for me personally it's honestly a bit overrated. As much as it gives your hair that extrea "umph' and loads of volume that we all love, it tends to leave my hair very dry and brittle. I also realized that this product made my hair more prone to breakage as it caused my ends to split more than usual. It might actually be good on some hair types but for thin, dry hair like mine you'd be better off with a mild shampoo and conditioner.

I have tried this....and I can honestly say I do not like the way it leaves my feels not soft...

I have used this a couple of times in the past, I do not like the way that my hair feels after using this product.

Using pantene does make your hair "look" healthy, but is it really healthy - try washing all the waxy build up (1 tbsp of baking soda) in your shampoo (washes out all waxy build up leaving your natural oils) and you will notice that one you wash the wax off - you are back to square one. Spoke to a chemist - and Pantene is full of nothing exept wax and fragrance.

So-So I have used Pantene Pro V products for many years and have never had a problem with any of them. This product has a great smell while conditioning the hair and after it is washed out of the hair but it seems to make my hair a lot greasier much faster than other conditioners.