Pantene Pro-V Conditioner

Pantene Pro-V Conditioner

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I love Pantene!

I use ALWAYS Pantene for my hair,all the products shampoo,conditioner,maske...the besdt for my hair

I received a free sample of Pantene Repair & Protect shampoo and conditioner. Both products are fantastic in many ways: my hair felt great after one use, they both smell amazing, and the shampoo lathered well - always a bonus. I was able to brush through my hair with minimal tangles, and my hair was shiny, soft, and manageable. Thanks for the sample Pantene; I will be purchasing this product!

i love this product i use it makes my hair soft and smells grate

I've found that in terms of helping hair stay sleek and curbing any frizzies (super humid climate here), that their "Mend and Repair" conditioner is the best I've tried so far. Granted, it does cost a bit more than other conditioners but they usually have a coupon in the Sunday circular and it's on sale at more than one store. I've got hair a few inches past my shoulders and I use a quarter-sized drop and leave it in for at least a minute. My hair stays smooth without being weighed down.

my hair is surprisingly shiney, and it never is

Best Conditioner ever. I use it every day. This is a great product.

This is the ONLY conditioner that i use. Every other conditioner out there requires me to use 2 or 3 times and with pantene it only takes 1. Great product!

I love Pantene products. Not only do they smell amazing, but the scent lasts a long time! And more importantly, it really does leave my hair feeling silky soft.

I was never a fan of pantene products before,they just never left my hair feeling good. I saw the big bottles of conditioner and figured why not give it a try. I have very processed dry hair and need a lot of conditioner daily to make it soft and manageable.I have found with this product I don't have to use as much and my hair feels soft,healthier and much more manageable.

I love all of the Pantene products I've tried, I have used them for years. I am always getting compliments on my hair.

Smells great and works great in my hair. Makes it really smooth. Will keep using for sure!

I love their products and their conditioner for my often color treated hair works wonders. Every one in my family uses this product and I would recommend it to any one. I do not mind paying a little more for this.

I absolutely LOVE Pantene!!! They are the best

I received a small sample bottle of this. I did enjoy it, made my hair soft and manageable. However the price point is a little too much. however if I find it on sale, I'll be sure to snatch it up.