Pantene Pro-V Conditioner

Pantene Pro-V Conditioner

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So-So I have used Pantene Pro V products for many years and have never had a problem with any of them. This product has a great smell while conditioning the hair and after it is washed out of the hair but it seems to make my hair a lot greasier much faster than other conditioners.

I would give a zero star if it was allowed! This product builds up on your hair and destroys it! Absolutely junk 8n a bottle! Watch the commercials backwards and thats how this product works!

Smells great I love the smell, but this conditioner doesn't do anything different for my hair than other similar products. It is definitely nice for the price!

I don't really like the smell all that much and my hair isn't impressed (its pretty frizzy and dry).

The smells AMAZING This shampoo smells great and does wonders with my hair. Now, if applied latheringly and to much can make hair more weighed down or oily. But if applied correctly makes my hair look wonderful.

Smells great and works great in my hair. Makes it really smooth. Will keep using for sure!

I received a small sample bottle of this. I did enjoy it, made my hair soft and manageable. However the price point is a little too much. however if I find it on sale, I'll be sure to snatch it up.

I have a sensitive scalp and this just builds up horrible residue. It weighs my hair down dramatically as well and I have naturally volume-filled hair. I think it has too much alcohol in it, and it does nothing for me. I have thick, never colored, wavy, light brunette hair.

I love this product. The brand has been around a long time and keeps coming up with good stuff. it leaves hair silky smooth and easy to run a brush through. Not greasy or drying. Decently priced.

Best Conditioner ever. I use it every day. This is a great product.

I have been using this for years and it's been great on helping my locks be a bit more tamable

I used to love Pantene products but they seem to leave my hair dry and wanting more moisture lately. This conditioner leaves my hair limp and flat. I have very wavy thick hair that I usually have to fight to keep calm. Don't know if the formula has changed or my hair has changed.

I've found that in terms of helping hair stay sleek and curbing any frizzies (super humid climate here), that their "Mend and Repair" conditioner is the best I've tried so far. Granted, it does cost a bit more than other conditioners but they usually have a coupon in the Sunday circular and it's on sale at more than one store. I've got hair a few inches past my shoulders and I use a quarter-sized drop and leave it in for at least a minute. My hair stays smooth without being weighed down.

The price is a little high but the quality is very goof and makes my hair feel very soft!

I have used this a couple of times in the past, I do not like the way that my hair feels after using this product.