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Stop the Mad "Makeover"

Stop the Mad
hen was the last time you went to a cosmetic counter within a specialty store (like Sephora) or department store (from Saks or Macy’s) to seek expert advice from the beauty advisor? Was your intention to create a “new you”, a total updated, cosmetic look, or just to window shop and see if a particular new shade of lipstick caught your eye?

Perhaps, inebriated by the possibilities of change or seduced by the tantalizing offers, this was your first flirtation with the makeup brush wielding, cosmetic maven at the store who most assuredly promised to create a whole different person, really a “new you”.
"You looked great when you left the store but creating this ?new you? is now a blind date with your mirror."

Regardless of how you came to sit in the chair and stare at yourself in that less than feature enhancing, fluorescent-lit mirror, you find yourself suddenly credit card slip in hand, lugging home hundreds of dollars of cosmetics. Then the sinking feeling slowly starts to permeate your gait. You know you will leave those bags untouched, unopened for days, as you grapple to overcome the “why did I do that & should I return it” syndrome. The symptoms are easy to recognize ? from buyer’s remorse to guilt to indifference - but the cause is less obvious. Simply put, you do not know how to begin to duplicate the beauty maven’s Edward Scissorhand approach to application, and even worse, are not sure that her vision of what you should look like is even right for you. You looked great when you left the store but creating this “new you” is now a blind date with your mirror.

Ladies, you have been the victim of the dreaded “makeover!” How do we know this? We are Tina Hedges and Beth Ann Catalano, co-presidents of twist and have over 40 years in developing, marketing and selling products that (we hope) you buy at cosmetic counters. And, of course, as beauty experts, we have a definite point of view on how to recover from this first date with lotions, potions, blushes, lipsticks, foundations and brushes as well as how to get the most information and service from your local beauty advisor.

reating any relationship takes effort. Creating a relationship with a beauty advisor is no different. Attraction, a good impression, chemistry, good eye contact, thoughtful questioning, and committing to see each other again is the beginning of a friendship. Perhaps, a single, casual, one nightstand is all the other party wanted and you feel taken advantage of when you open your Amex bill. In some cases, there is no other way to say it, you feel made-over, rolled-over, coifed, plucked, dusted, glazed and just plainly, wham, bam and thank you Ma’am-ed. And this feeling lingers, making you recoil slightly the next time you walk thru the aisles of the beauty department. Could this describe your feeling about the advisor at the beauty counter after your last “makeover?”

Beauty advisors are knowledgeable consultants. Connecting and finding the right fit is key. Posturing yourself with the right attitude will help you gain valuable service and information from a beauty professional. It is also necessary to become your own expert and develop the right relationship with yourself, so here are a few of our thoughts:

Remember, take control of your newfound expertise. No one is an expert, at first. If you have selected the right teacher, are committed to learning, and are open to discussing options, creating a relationship with someone that can help you look and feel more confident, sexier, and more beautiful is like, well, like finding the right love affair.

Uhmmmm, sounds like that French playboy both of us fought over the last trip to Nice?. But that’s a different lesson?.

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  • 1angie By 1angie

    thanks i needed that because sometimes i feel intimidated to ask questions not any more.

  • kyliegirly04 By kyliegirly04

    I have found that I can stop wasting my money by trying on makeup and hairstyles by giving myself a "virtual makeover" before I hit the store or salon. is my new favorite obsession. It is sooo realistic and free!!

  • bigKCfan By bigKCfan

    Pushy sales people tick me off so they more they push the more stubborn I become, I usually end up saying something like I will just go somewhere else and see if they can help me with what I want. I have also had some sales people go out of their way helping me with cosmetics or fragrances. The last makeover I had in a major department store was by appointment and a friend treated both of us to it for my birthday one year.

  • flair By flair

    Wow, some great advice here. I can't wait to apply my new knowledge. I feel a lot more confident.

  • jawink By jawink

    I needed this. I was planning on going for a consultation to see try new products for my changing skin.

  • mommacruz2 By mommacruz2

    This really helps, I always fell like I should buy EVERYTHING they show me. Not now.

  • poohnice By poohnice

    Great advice! I always feel intimidated at the makeup counter and have a very hard time saying no!

  • msfriendly By msfriendly

    This was really great advice...thanks so much!

  • Donato By Donato

    There are always two sides to every situation. I am a beauty consultant and although there some consultants out there that all they want to do is make their commission; there still are some of us that believe in building our business one client at a time, not just a one time sale. A good consultant will ask some questions that will give her an idea of what category her client fits into. She will ask: How often do you wear makeup? Is this a spur of the moment idea? How much time do you have to devote to skin care (which I personally believe is the most important part-preparing the canvas for makeup application.) Make sure that the consultant has you fill out a client profile and that she gives you a copy of everything that was done. Most importantly, make sure that she has you look at the finished makeover in natural light not the terrible department store lighting! Please be honest with the consultant and if she takes offense to that then that should be a red flag to you that she is not for you. Makeup is fun and shouldn't be scary. Only purchase a mascara, one or two shadows, and a lipstick or gloss. Then go home and practice and call your consultant with questions. Remember, just because you have tried something and do not like it, there is a total refund policy and this applies to all stores. The cosmetic lines all have their price point for their products set and all the department stores must charge exacly the same price, or the line can be pulled from that store. So, if you are more comfortable at Macy's or at Nordstrom---the price is the same. Enjoy being a girl!

  • Beaniesmom By Beaniesmom

    Last time I was "made over" I actually had to tell the technician that the makeup was too yellow for my skin!

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