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Stop the Mad "Makeover"

SS Member Image By twistedsister1 02.04.08
Stop the Mad
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hen was the last time you went to a cosmetic counter within a specialty store (like Sephora) or department store (from Saks or Macy’s) to seek expert advice from the beauty advisor? Was your intention to create a “new you”, a total updated, cosmetic look, or just to window shop and see if a particular new shade of lipstick caught your eye?

Perhaps, inebriated by the possibilities of change or seduced by the tantalizing offers, this was your first flirtation with the makeup brush wielding, cosmetic maven at the store who most assuredly promised to create a whole different person, really a “new you”.
"You looked great when you left the store but creating this ?new you? is now a blind date with your mirror."

Regardless of how you came to sit in the chair and stare at yourself in that less than feature enhancing, fluorescent-lit mirror, you find yourself suddenly credit card slip in hand, lugging home hundreds of dollars of cosmetics. Then the sinking feeling slowly starts to permeate your gait. You know you will leave those bags untouched, unopened for days, as you grapple to overcome the “why did I do that & should I return it” syndrome. The symptoms are easy to recognize ? from buyer’s remorse to guilt to indifference - but the cause is less obvious. Simply put, you do not know how to begin to duplicate the beauty maven’s Edward Scissorhand approach to application, and even worse, are not sure that her vision of what you should look like is even right for you. You looked great when you left the store but creating this “new you” is now a blind date with your mirror.

Ladies, you have been the victim of the dreaded “makeover!” How do we know this? We are Tina Hedges and Beth Ann Catalano, co-presidents of twist and have over 40 years in developing, marketing and selling products that (we hope) you buy at cosmetic counters. And, of course, as beauty experts, we have a definite point of view on how to recover from this first date with lotions, potions, blushes, lipsticks, foundations and brushes as well as how to get the most information and service from your local beauty advisor.

reating any relationship takes effort. Creating a relationship with a beauty advisor is no different. Attraction, a good impression, chemistry, good eye contact, thoughtful questioning, and committing to see each other again is the beginning of a friendship. Perhaps, a single, casual, one nightstand is all the other party wanted and you feel taken advantage of when you open your Amex bill. In some cases, there is no other way to say it, you feel made-over, rolled-over, coifed, plucked, dusted, glazed and just plainly, wham, bam and thank you Ma’am-ed. And this feeling lingers, making you recoil slightly the next time you walk thru the aisles of the beauty department. Could this describe your feeling about the advisor at the beauty counter after your last “makeover?”

Beauty advisors are knowledgeable consultants. Connecting and finding the right fit is key. Posturing yourself with the right attitude will help you gain valuable service and information from a beauty professional. It is also necessary to become your own expert and develop the right relationship with yourself, so here are a few of our thoughts:

Remember, take control of your newfound expertise. No one is an expert, at first. If you have selected the right teacher, are committed to learning, and are open to discussing options, creating a relationship with someone that can help you look and feel more confident, sexier, and more beautiful is like, well, like finding the right love affair.

Uhmmmm, sounds like that French playboy both of us fought over the last trip to Nice?. But that’s a different lesson?.

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  • Clau13 By Clau13

    Thanxz fOr the tip. It will help a lot. & im one of the women who love make-up I don't go over the top with it.

  • robininparadise By robininparadise

    I finally had a great experience at The Body Shop! I was looking undecidedly at their sale makeup when the girl asked me if I would like to have her use the products I was interested in on my face first. She sat me down, removed what I had on,and made up half of my face while I watched in a hand mirror. She was easy going and pressure free. She patiently ran me through it while I completed the other half. It was fun! I purchased every thing she showed me at a greatly reduced price,and have been happly using them ever since.

  • glendab73 By glendab73

    I love makeup, and buy it just because it's a pretty color. It may not look right on me but I'm bad about buying something before I try it.

  • robininparadise By robininparadise

    I was at sephoras to purchase my usual skin care and happened to stop to look at a pretty green eyeshadow,sort of an iridescent peacock green. Before I knew it an"expert" swooped down on me with her sponge applicator and said let me help you with this.With my glasses already off,she proceeded to pack on the color all the way to my eyebrow.I looked like Mimi Bobeck! I put on my glasses and laughed a little making a comment about how natural it looked if I was crawling in a flock of peacocks. Her smile melted.Then I got a good look at her.She had her eyes done exactly the same way, with the same color! I meekly replied "oh, but it looks good on you." I gave her a good review because I felt so bad. Heart in the right place, makeup brush not.

  • brit1029 By brit1029

    I always buy all the stuff they want to sell you and get home and end up using only half of if, sometimes not even half

  • kg3forme By kg3forme

    Great advice,Next time I go shopping I will ask for samples before I spend so much money.

  • kailarl69 By kailarl69

    I love doing makeup and I am very good at it so if anyone has any questions or wants any tips feel free to write me and ask! :)

  • RHibbard By RHibbard

    LOVE the idea of "see one, do one". So many times I feel like I watch them do something and think I can go home and do it myself, but then completely mess it up. Practicing in front of them will make sure I understand the steps correctly!

  • ls1426 By ls1426

    Reading this made my laugh. I am one of those people who will sit through a makeover and then regret all that I have gotten. I am so not a person to say "no thank you" but reading this has helped me to understand I don't need to make all those purchases. Thank you and next time I go I will keep your comments in mind!

  • karen453 By karen453

    I went to the make-up counter at Carson's and the women tried to sell me every product they had. I normally cave-in to pressure--but not this time. I felt really good after I left the counter with just the foundation that she suggested.

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