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Share & Win Gorgeous Jewelry from Kate Spade

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 11.01.11
Share & Win Gorgeous Jewelry from Kate Spade
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An outfit isn't complete without the right accessories. From the shine of real diamonds to the glow of fantastic replicas, a little or a lot of jewelry can deliver just the right look. Perhaps a little black dress with the perfect necklace or a showstopper silhouette with understated earrings, either way accessories can be the perfect accent to any ensemble.

And like with our clothing, it's an opportunity to reveal a bit of our personality. It's a glimpse into who we are, our taste and our style. We can go a bit wild with it one day and be a bit more restrained the next. We can borrow our friend's, sister's, or mom's and not have to worry that we're not the right "size." Some pieces last us as season and others a lifetime.

We want to know what you love about accessories. Do you have a favorite piece that you just can't live without? Is jewelry always at the top of your holiday wish list? Do you have accessories that have been passed down through the family that you treasure? Which pieces give you the fondest memories? What stores do you love? Which stores do you frequent?


Hats, rings, scarves, boots, we want to hear what you love the most.  Post a review or what you love about accessories to this blog and you'll be entered to WIN some amazing accessories of your own! The contest starts November 1st and ends November 7th at 6:00 p.m. EST.

Check out these amazing prizes:

Good luck!


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  • lisas4 By lisas4

    I'm big on jewelry to accessorize an outfit, matching earings, necklace and a bracelet. In the winter I like to wear matching scarves and gloves to make my coat look better.

  • midwestgirl By midwestgirl

    I tend to wear a lot of solids, so a longer necklace or a scarf is a must have to amp up my outfits. You can never have too many scarves.

  • jswclay By jswclay

    I have always been drawn to accessories with the antique look. Whether it be the earrings that my husband gave me years ago, necklaces that Mom has passed on to me. Or new rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces with that antiqued look. Also have many scarves & gloves for upcoming winter months. My daughter and I have to purchase similiar ones, anytime we are out shopping.

  • Calciumfreak By Calciumfreak

    I love scarves! Practicle and stylish!

  • Momofmonkeys By Momofmonkeys

    I can't imagine not wearing accessories! Maybe if I don't leave the house?? Jewelry, hats, and boots oh my!!!

  • Tappers37 By Tappers37

    My favorite accessory is a silk's like jewelry for clothing. By choosing a certain color or design, you can dress up a plain blouse or sweater. I have one scarf that is almost 30 yrs old that I bought on my honeymoon in Bermuda. I still wear it!

  • lughead13 By lughead13

    simple accessories make a statement and can change your outfit quickly from boring to fabulous. A splash of color goes a long way, too - like gloves, a scarf or a pin.

  • angeldotcom By angeldotcom

    I love all of these accessories it makes any outfit you wear look so much better. I am in a wheelchair and it very important that I look my best . I have a closet half full so could use some more. I love wearing a hat with my outfits already have like 30 hats and 100's of earrings to match .

  • purplerosecharm By purplerosecharm

    Earrings and hair accessories are my favorite. I have more than 50 earrings at home and tons of hair accessories that I do not even have counted. Recently, I started to make my own accessories. I love to have something personalized and fit my taste.

  • TDM516 By TDM516

    I suspect perhaps I have always loved jewelry because it doesn't have to FIT! You don't have to try it on; you just see it and instantly KNOW it speaks to you. I love my mother's old costume jewelry from the 40's as much as I love my more modern pieces, including a white gold and diamond palm tree necklace my husband gave me for Christmas.

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