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Share & Win Gorgeous Jewelry from Kate Spade

Share & Win Gorgeous Jewelry from Kate Spade

An outfit isn't complete without the right accessories. From the shine of real diamonds to the glow of fantastic replicas, a little or a lot of jewelry can deliver just the right look. Perhaps a little black dress with the perfect necklace or a showstopper silhouette with understated earrings, either way accessories can be the perfect accent to any ensemble.

And like with our clothing, it's an opportunity to reveal a bit of our personality. It's a glimpse into who we are, our taste and our style. We can go a bit wild with it one day and be a bit more restrained the next. We can borrow our friend's, sister's, or mom's and not have to worry that we're not the right "size." Some pieces last us as season and others a lifetime.

We want to know what you love about accessories. Do you have a favorite piece that you just can't live without? Is jewelry always at the top of your holiday wish list? Do you have accessories that have been passed down through the family that you treasure? Which pieces give you the fondest memories? What stores do you love? Which stores do you frequent?


Hats, rings, scarves, boots, we want to hear what you love the most.  Post a review or what you love about accessories to this blog and you'll be entered to WIN some amazing accessories of your own! The contest starts November 1st and ends November 7th at 6:00 p.m. EST.

Check out these amazing prizes:

Good luck!


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  • Sjbutterfie By Sjbutterfie

    I love accessories and jewelry because they can make an outfit look from slouchy to fab! If you are like me constantly running out the door and running late then I just throw on some accessories and jewelry and I'm good to go. I know I get most compliments on jewelry than my outfit. These above are gorgeous!

  • jsoohoo By jsoohoo

    My jade heart necklace that my mother gave me. I wear it always since the clasp is bent to remove/put it on and I don't want to damage it by bending it too often. It's a traditional style which is not seen much anymore. Jade is an ancient symbol of good fortune and long life.

  • wizardewu By wizardewu

    I love wearing necklaces and bracelets. They give my outfits an added sparkle. I like handmade jewelry especially because it is made by someone who truly loves what they are doing.

  • scotter By scotter

    An outfit is perfected with accessories. My motto is "It's all about the accessories"

  • amorse1970 By amorse1970

    The rings I inherited from my mother n law are my most prized accessory! What makes them even more special is that my Father n law picked them out for me before he passed away 33 days after my mother n law died.

  • kelliechio By kelliechio

    I think accessories can really make an outfit and that's important. Personally, I love the sentimental meaning behind some of my own accessories. I have a very special necklace given to me by my now deceased grandfather that I treasure!

  • lisbet1388 By lisbet1388

    What do I love about accessories? Everything! They can change a whole look. You can dress down a cocktail dress by pairing it with toned down shoes and a funky necklace. Or you can dress up a simple top and jeans with a diamond necklace. Accessories can literally make or break an outfit. The one piece I cannot live without is a necklace with a simple diamond pendant. It's dressy but not too much. It's simple enough to be able to wear everyday. Jewelry is always at the top of your holiday wish list because it's something I cannot live without! My favorite soon-to-be-mine accessory is a Gucci clutch that's been passed down from my great,great grandmother. I'm next in line to get it. I have so many memories of all the ladies in my family fawning over this piece! Lastly, my favorite stores to shop are Macys and Bloomingdales. They have amazing accessory pieces, and always have sales and coupons - What more could you ask for?!

  • griselbarreto By griselbarreto

    Elegant and classic pieces that elevates anyones style. The pear bracelet is kickass!

  • brotbaecker By brotbaecker

    A friend wears a big Onyx and Diamond Ring on her forefinger. It's her signature piece, I just love that.

  • GG_shopper By GG_shopper

    My mother was a short, Queen Elizabeth type, Southern lady. Her jewelry was mostly classic and understated. However, she had just a few really striking pieces. I have inherited these. They are not costly but they are priceless in sentimental value as well as offer me priceless beauty because they are so beautiful. These are pieces from the mid-1950s. One ins a double strand of clear white and black quartz. This stuff is heavy. But so beautiful. I wear it with a beautiful set of clip on black quartz earrings that splay up the curve of my earlobe (not dangles). I never fail to receive compliments and oooossss and ahahahahas when I wear them. I have a collection of classic pearls and gold and silver, but I enjoy a few statement necklaces and earrings as well. You know, we all have to get "out of the box" sometimes.

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