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Share & Win Gorgeous Jewelry from Kate Spade

Share & Win Gorgeous Jewelry from Kate Spade

An outfit isn't complete without the right accessories. From the shine of real diamonds to the glow of fantastic replicas, a little or a lot of jewelry can deliver just the right look. Perhaps a little black dress with the perfect necklace or a showstopper silhouette with understated earrings, either way accessories can be the perfect accent to any ensemble.

And like with our clothing, it's an opportunity to reveal a bit of our personality. It's a glimpse into who we are, our taste and our style. We can go a bit wild with it one day and be a bit more restrained the next. We can borrow our friend's, sister's, or mom's and not have to worry that we're not the right "size." Some pieces last us as season and others a lifetime.

We want to know what you love about accessories. Do you have a favorite piece that you just can't live without? Is jewelry always at the top of your holiday wish list? Do you have accessories that have been passed down through the family that you treasure? Which pieces give you the fondest memories? What stores do you love? Which stores do you frequent?


Hats, rings, scarves, boots, we want to hear what you love the most.  Post a review or what you love about accessories to this blog and you'll be entered to WIN some amazing accessories of your own! The contest starts November 1st and ends November 7th at 6:00 p.m. EST.

Check out these amazing prizes:

Good luck!


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  • Easy2Save By Easy2Save

    You can not go wrong with a good gold bangle and hoop earrings. If you stay with a simple style it will be in style forever.

  • zungirl By zungirl

    Accessories make a boring outfit fun. You can change the accessories to make the outfit look different each time. I love the hoop earings and the necklaces

  • Karley_Grandy By Karley_Grandy

    Accessories can make or break an outfit. It can also take an outfit from casual to glam within minutes. You can take an outfit from plain jane status to diva status with some strategic accessories.

  • kairick By kairick

    The right new accessory can make you really feel great, whether its a funky cluster of bracelets in pearl swavorski or a vintage scarf, women need new accessories to go with the season.

  • Lelesmommy By Lelesmommy

    I like accessories, because it makes an outfit 100% better more sexy and more put together.

  • mmbear By mmbear

    I love wearing my watch which is sorta like a chunky bling one but not theirs another name and I wear my beaded bracelets on the other arm. I finish with whatever earrings go with that particular outfit!

  • sassyshortie By sassyshortie

    My favorite accessories have to be big bold rings. I've started a nice collection of them and I always get compliments whenever I wear them. Charming Charlies had to be my favorite place to purchase accessories because their store is color coordinated and they have just about every accessory you could imagine and it doesn't break the bank budget wise ;)

  • ajenkins By ajenkins

    Of course my engagement and wedding rings. But I have two pair of earrings I wear, one is silver hoops the other is a pair of dangling earrings that are silver they are 4 leaves on each. I got them to wear with my wedding dress, now I wear them with alot of different outfits

  • knpowers2008 By knpowers2008

    Nothing dresses up an outfit like accessories. I like to add scarves reguardless of the season winter, sping, summer and fall. They really dress up any outfit you are wearing. I also will not leave the house without my earrings!!! I feel naked without them...

  • sassyk By sassyk

    Accessories can make or break your outfit. I have to say i love the "Glitz", sparkle and shine. But i have been known to wear a simple piece of jewelry and get compliments as well. A cute story... after my grandmother passed my grandfather was handing out some of Gram's old costume jewelry. He gave me a piece that was a very long necklace which had a small face clock attached. One day i used that piece as a belt. The look was so unique.

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