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Who's the Better Boss?

Who's the Better Boss?

If you had a choice between having a female boss or a male boss, which would you choose?  And would the choice really matter?  A recent article from the New York Times talks to the experts about whether women make better bosses than men in the business world.  What they found out is very interesting. 

Alice Eagley, chairman of social psychology at Northwest University, has done extensive research on managerial behavior.  What Eagley has found out through studies and research is that women bosses are less "bossy" and tend to use a more collaborative and democratic method. Eagley also said, "compared with men, women use a more positive approach by encouraging and urging others rather than a negative approach of scolding and reprimanding them."

Author of How Remarkable Women Lead, Joanna Barsh, reports that women in places of authority can often excel because they tend to look for more meaning in their work than men.  Barsh said that men often go for higher salary and status.  She believes however, that women do need to stop multitasking as they often do, "When you attempt to facilitate a phone conference while doing email, your brain switches between tasks, and you lose focus and energy." 

Women may also have a leg up on their male counterparts because they are good "mind readers".  According to columnist and psychologist, Susan Pinker, women produce more of a hormone called oxytocin that has been proven to make them read people’s expressions and process emotions quicker than men.  After men were given doses ofoxytocin (squirted up their nostrils) they were found to have these "mind reading" skills as well.

What do you think of some of the differences between male and female bosses?

Have you noticed any differences in your work place?

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  • gabbagabba04 By gabbagabba04

    I have always had a male boss, and I have found them to all be wonderful at their job. I have no personal experience with a female boss to compare this to, but my mom has had a female boss for nearly 15 years now, and I always hear the stories of her bosses mood swings and hormonal rampages. You just don't have that with a man. My boss is so good at maintaining a professional attitude all through the workday.

  • cyndi21 By cyndi21

    I have had the pleasure (and sometimes displeasure) of working with both genders. I have had two female bosses who were wonderful, no drama at all. They were very businesslike, but friendly and fair minded. On the other hand, I've had female bosses who were not so good; no drama, but very disorganized and unprepared. My male bosses have mostly been quite good. I did have one male boss who was all drama. He was something else. I've also had male bosses who were very organized and some no so organized. Men do tend to be less dramatic than women though. If given the choice, I would probably choose a male over a female boss.

  • Tabiti By Tabiti

    I think that a male boss will be better than a woman boss. It could be because im a woman and all my male bosses was more nicer to me than a woman boss. Cause at times my female boss will get angry and will yell at me to do this and that. I think we as woman hold our anger that we have towards our kids and husband and take it out on people who are happy with life. While man hold nothing and let everything out. So to me i conclud man are better bosses tha woman.

  • freads By freads

    I think it is more an individual's personality and managerial style more so than gender that determines a good boss. It is also subjective because if your personality/work ethic is very similar to your boss' then you feel more comfortable working for that person. For example, I prefer to make decisions based on all options but fairly quickly and like to see that in a boss as opposed to someone who is indecisive or procrastinates.

  • msharl01 By msharl01

    I am always more intimaded by males in power roles. They always seem to let the power go to their heads. They never really feel women can be equal to them, so why would they be a fair boss.

  • seamstress By seamstress

    I would chose a male. I worked in officed for 45 years and have had both male and female bosses. GIVE ME A MALE any day of the week. Many women are moody, spiteful and don't know how to handle power. I always felt that I was held back by a female but the male bosses I had encouraged me to take training, to move ahead to go to the next level and were never spiteful when I was promoted. I am a very focused person and have a good work ethic where as many woman are flighty and do not remain focused. Females seem to resent you when you know something they do not or how to get things done better; whereas men are grateful to just get it done. All in all, I just work better with men.

  • cherbear61 By cherbear61

    I have both male and female bosses in which I really enjoyed . Although I personally feel in the field I am in presently taking care of others on a more personal level I definitely feel a woman is the better choice to be more sensitive to their needs and the structure that is needed

  • maylisa40 By maylisa40

    My last boss was a gay male in an office and region that employed mostly females. He has been one of the best bosses that I have had in my over 20 years of my career. Women have a tendacy to gossip and bring personal issues into areas where important decisions need to be made. Straight male bosses seemed to avoid confrontations with females and relied on a higher female for confrontational matters. I feel that it does not depend on the boss but who you are as a employee.

  • lazyriver By lazyriver

    In my house it is just me and my husband (kids grown and away from home). And together we deceide on the issues. So together we rule the house.

  • JMaynard85 By JMaynard85

    My boss I have currently is Male.. he is awesome! He gets everything done in a timely manner and really goes out of his way to make sure that every individual under him is working sucessfully.. however I can say quite the opposite for my previous boss who was a female.. I feel like woman nit pick a bit more than guys will.. they worry about all the small details!

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