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Who's the Better Boss?

SS Member Image By drodriguez 08.04.09
Who's the Better Boss?
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If you had a choice between having a female boss or a male boss, which would you choose?  And would the choice really matter?  A recent article from the New York Times talks to the experts about whether women make better bosses than men in the business world.  What they found out is very interesting. 

Alice Eagley, chairman of social psychology at Northwest University, has done extensive research on managerial behavior.  What Eagley has found out through studies and research is that women bosses are less "bossy" and tend to use a more collaborative and democratic method. Eagley also said, "compared with men, women use a more positive approach by encouraging and urging others rather than a negative approach of scolding and reprimanding them."

Author of How Remarkable Women Lead, Joanna Barsh, reports that women in places of authority can often excel because they tend to look for more meaning in their work than men.  Barsh said that men often go for higher salary and status.  She believes however, that women do need to stop multitasking as they often do, "When you attempt to facilitate a phone conference while doing email, your brain switches between tasks, and you lose focus and energy." 

Women may also have a leg up on their male counterparts because they are good "mind readers".  According to columnist and psychologist, Susan Pinker, women produce more of a hormone called oxytocin that has been proven to make them read people’s expressions and process emotions quicker than men.  After men were given doses ofoxytocin (squirted up their nostrils) they were found to have these "mind reading" skills as well.

What do you think of some of the differences between male and female bosses?

Have you noticed any differences in your work place?

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  • smemmolo By smemmolo

    It depends on the type of person they are not their gender. Either a woman or a man, both have the same ability to be a great "boss"

  • debnhra By debnhra

    Although I mostly agree with what has been said here, I have had one job that the woman I worked for cut my legs out from underneath me because she felt threatened by me and I was subsequently fired for something she told our district managers and it wasn't true in the slightest bit!...So it can go both ways...just food for thought...

  • derbycarr By derbycarr

    I think men bosses are more demanding AND NOT to caring in way for Women with children , activties, Women bosses are way more better and really know how to connect with male employees,,

  • redemy403 By redemy403

    Not all but many women have maternal and TLC qualities that may make them a better boss. I think women are also scared of coming across as too strong or bossy because they often and quickly become known as the "B" word. Women also tend to be more emotionally invested in things and that could work both for or against them. It may be true that more often male bosses tend to be demanding and negative, but they may also hold a higher percentage of boss positions. So, I would like to know separately out of female bosses and male bosses, what percentage of both are considered mean?

  • ingriddgibson By ingriddgibson

    The Female Boss that I have know is a joy. She is better then any male boss that i have ever had.

  • mbolen56 By mbolen56

    I have had both. I would rather have a male boss any day. Females can be catty and moody. Depending on the day and hormone level, you never know if you have to run for cover or if it's safe to come out.

  • suza_q By suza_q

    I would rather have a male boss, because as stated in earlier posts they are less moody and keep work as it should be. I have worked for both and women are definately more dramatic and catty.

  • jaimbly By jaimbly

    I work for an almost all-female company and I have found that my bosses are very considerate of personal and family obligations. But at the same time some of my female bosses feel the need to exert their power and I think they feel they need to show that they can be as assertive as men. We also often have a problem with both employees and bosses taking things very personally which I would say is symptomatic of the overwhelmingly female environment.

  • Bears_Mouse By Bears_Mouse

    In my experience, I tend to feel uncomfortable and intimidated my male bosses. With female bosses, everything was more relaxed, communicable, and just over all more pleasent. For me, it was easier to get up and go to my job when my boss was a woman.

  • Delightful By Delightful

    I worked for a very large company for 20 years, I was able to quit work in 2004. I do have to say Men make better bosses. This is just from my experience. I had both men and women for bosses, I don't want this taken personal by anyone, but women are weak. If you get in her click, you have got it made. Men seem to be more persistent especially in the area of treating all employees equal.

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